Akron-Westfield baseball 2022 season recap

Wednesday, August 3, 2022
(Photo courtesy of the Akron Hometowner) Members of the team included: front row (from left) Carter Wilken, Conner Wendel, Matthew Swancutt, Tatum Wilken, Alex Enriquez, Brock Hansen, Tayte Colt, Jackson Nuebrand, Michael Swancutt. Back row: Adam Brown, Reegan Mckee, Michael Brown, Ashton McCully, Kasey Nielsen, Tyson Fairbanks, Arik Allard, Jack Terpstra, Hayden Wahlberg, Raiden Ericson, Luke Meinen.

This season, the Akron-Westfield baseball team finished with a record of 15-12 while going 7-3 in War Eagle Conference play. The Westerners say goodbye to one senior player, Tyson Fairbanks. The team was led by Head Coach Gordy Johnson.

Team statistics

Batting average .293
Runs scored 181
Runs allowed142
Strikeouts (Pitching)128

Individual statistics

Batting Average (Min. 40 AB)

Michael Swancutt.380
Raiden Ericson.325
Jack Terpstra.325
Hayden Wahlberg.323
Kasey Nielsen.312
Tyson Fairbanks.301


Michael Swancutt30
Jack Terpstra27
Raiden Ericson26
Kasey Nielsen25
Tyson Fairbanks25
Arik Allard23
Carter Wilken 21
Hayden Wahlberg20
Home Runs
Jack Terpstra2
Tyson Fairbanks1
Raiden Ericson1
Jack Terpstra1
Hayden Wahlberg1
Tyson Fairbanks9
Raiden Ericson8
Michael Swancutt8
Kasey Nielsen5
Carter Wilken5


Raiden Ericson26
Arik Allard21
Tyson Fairbanks16
Jack Terpstra15
Michael Swancutt11
Kasey Nielsen10


Michael Swancutt23
Raiden Ericson21
Jack Terpstra21
Tyson Fairbanks17
Hayden Wahlberg14
Kasey Nielsen13
Carter Wilken13

Runs scored

Arik Allard28
Jack Terpstra23
Michael Swancutt22
Raiden Ericson21
Conner Wendel20

Stolen Bases

Tatum Wilken2
Arik Allard2
Conner Wendel2
Raiden Ericson2

Starts (Pitching)

Raiden Ericson8
Arik Allard7
Hayden Wahlberg4
Ashton McCully4

Innings Pitched

Arik Allard40 2/3
Raiden Ericson37 2/3
Hayden Wahlberg29 2/3
Tatum Wilken25 1/3
Ashton McCully20 2/3


Arik Allard4
Raiden Ericson4
Hayden Wahlberg3
Ashton McCully3


Raiden Ericson31
Arik Allard 29
Ashton McCully21
Tatum Wilken15

ERA (MIN. 20 IP)

Ashton McCully2.03
Arik Allard2.07
Hayden Wahlberg2.83
Raiden Ericson4.65

Opponent Batting Average

Ashton McCully.190
Tatum Wilken.203
Arik Allard.209
Raiden Ericson.209
Hayden Wahlberg.230
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