Le Mars Community baseball 2022 season recap

Friday, July 29, 2022
(Photo Contributed) Front row: (from left) Sebastian McGregor, Tate Murphy,Jacob Plueger, Austin Clay, Jacob McGull. Middle row: Evan Pratt, Teagen Kasel, Kole Carpenter, Keegan Gengler, Trent Marienau, Ayden Brent, Evan Jalas, Carter Jenness. Back row: Sy Bixenmann, Chase Peterson, Caleb Eckstaine, Curt Gengler, Trent Eckstaine, Gabe Eckstaine, Ayden Hoag, Brayden Dreckman, Carter Baumgartner.

The Le Mars Community baseball team finished with a record of 12-22 while going 11-17 in Missouri River Activities Conference play. The Bulldogs lose just one senior, Cal Eckstaine, to graduation. The team was led by head coach Trent Eckstaine.

Team Statistics

Batting average .298
Runs scored 204
Runs allowed237
Strikeouts (Pitching)215

Individual Statistics

Batting Average

Ayden Hoag.407
Teagen Kasel.358
Cal Eckstaine .339
Brayden Dreckman.304
Evan Pratt.304


Ayden Hoag44
Cal Eckstaine39
Teagen Kasel38
Evan Jalas29
Brayden Dreckman 28
Kole Carpenter25
Home Runs
Ayden Hoag 3
Evan Jalas 3
Cal Eckstaine 1
Teagen Kasel 1
Trent Marienau1
Cal Eckstaine13
Ayden Hoag11
Teagen Kasel 6
Brayden Dreckman 5


Brayden Dreckman 21
Ayden Hoag 20
Cal Eckstaine15
Trent Marienau 14
Kole Carpenter13
Evan Jalas12
Teagen Kasel11
Chase Peterson10


Ayden Hoag 28
Evan Jalas24
Brayden Dreckman 21
Teagen Kasel18
Cal Eckstaine13
Trent Marienau 13
Carter Baumgartner12
Kole Carpenter 10
Chase Peterson10

Runs scored

Cal Eckstaine30
Teagen Kasel29
Evan Jalas26
Ayden Hoag22
Kole Carpenter21

Stolen Bases

Teagen Kasel10
Cal Eckstaine8

Starts (Pitching)

Trent Marienau9
Ayden Hoag8
Brayden Dreckman 6
Evan Pratt4

Innings Pitched

Ayden Hoag48 1/3
Trent Marienau36 1/3
Brayden Dreckman 30
Evan Pratt26


Trent Marienau 3
Brayden Dreckman 2
Teagen Kasel2
Ayden Hoag2


Ayden Hoag73
Brayden Dreckman 38
Trent Marienau29
Teagen Kasel 21

ERA (MIN. 20 IP)

Ayden Hoag2.90
Brayden Dreckman4.60
(Sentinel Photo By Allen Hamil) Members of the team included: (not in order) Tate Murphy, Sebastian MacGregor, Keegan Gengler, Chase Peterson, Cal Eckstaine, Teagen Kasel, Brayden Dreckman, Jacob McGill, Sy Bixenman, Ayden Brent, Ayden Hoag, Evan Pratt, Carter Baumgartner, Trent Marienau, Evan Jalas, Kole Carpenter, Carter Jenness, Austin Clay.
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