Vacant ordinance goes before council again

Monday, July 25, 2022

LE MARS — The Le Mars City Council held the second reading of the Vacant Building Ordinance 972 to Chapter 161, “Vacant Building Permit” to the Le Mars Code of Ordinances on July 19.

The first reading was approved at their July 5 meeting.

The ordinance would apply only to properties within the national and state recognized Le Mars Downtown Historic District. As is the case with many historic downtowns, buildings are multi-story and constructed from property line to property line.

This ordinance would give some assurance to property owners that a vacant building meets minimum standards and is not a potential or immediate safety risk.

No one from the public addressed the council on the issue and council members had no comments.

The council approved the second reading on a unanimous vote.

Goodchild Requests Final Reading

The agenda gave the council the option to waive the third reading and approve the ordinance.

Council member Clark Goodchild said he wanted to see a third reading of the ordinance before its adoption. He noted the ordinance is retroactive to July 1, and while he did not have any more comments on it, he did want a third reading.

The third reading will be held at the Aug. 2 meeting.

Revisiting Plat of New Addition

The council then took action on the Majestic View Addition Final Plat and Rezoning.

On July 5, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved the Final Plat and proposed zoning of Majestic View Addition.

The Final Plat consists of one buildable lot of 5.583 acres and Outlot 1 which will be future city right-of-way. The lot is at the west end of 22nd Street Southeast that was constructed as part of the Dogwood 3rd Addition. No extension of city infrastructure is required.

The Planning and Zoning Commission also recommends the addition be zoned from R (Rural) to R-1 (Residential).

City administration recommended approval of the Final Plat as well as setting the date for public hearing to rezone.

Owner Steve Schuster was present to answer questions from the council and said the plat is for one lot. He indicated there are no covenants on the lot and all utilities are up to the lot. The outlot will be the actual streets that will line up with streets already constructed.

“Once we decide to develop those streets, there can be a quick transfer of Outlot 1,” he said.

Possibility of a Park

While not directly connected with a decision on the property at hand, Goodchild asked if there were any plans for a park to be developed in the area by the KNS and Dogwood additions.

“There have been discussions but no definite plans,” Schuster said.

The council unanimously adopted a resolution approving the Final Plat of Majestic View Addition, and in a second motion, established at noon, Aug. 2, as a public hearing to rezone Majestic View Addition from R (Rural) to R1 (Residential).

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