Akron-Westfield 2021 cross country season recap

Friday, November 19, 2021
(Photo Courtesy of the Akron Hometowner) The 2021 Akron-Westfield cross country team. From left: Alyssa Frye, Mackenzie Schram, Noah Boie, Tanner Frerichs, Jolie Sabaliauskas, Dexter Briggs, Ben Philips, Michaela Everingham, Josalyn Bruget. The team was led by coach Jerod Bruget.

War Eagle Conference Meet at Sioux Center

Girls Individual- Out of 58 runners (Varsity & JV)

Josalyn Bruget, 29th, 25:17.75

Jolie Sabaliauskas, 46th, 27:44.61

Mackenzie Schram, 48th, 28:34.34

Boys Individual- Out of 73 runners (Varsity & JV)

Dexter Briggs, 37th, 21:44.01

Noah Boie, 39th, 21:54.67

Tanner Frerichs, 53rd, 23:24.68

Ben Philips, 65th, 24:30.09

Class 1A State Qualifying at Ridge View

Girls Individual- Out of 88 runners

Josalyn Bruget, 54th, 25:19.09

Michaela Everingham, 59th, 25:40.56

Mackenzie Schram, 68th, 27:01.51

Jolie Sabaliauskas, 70th, 27:29.75

Boys- 15th of 15 complete teams

Boys Individual- Out of 107 runners

Dexter Briggs, 55th, 20:17.18

Noah Boie, 78th, 21:57.68

Tanner Frerichs, 91st, 23:03.83

Ben Philips, 99th, 24:05.86

Dawson Trobaugh, 102nd, 25:18.14

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