Memorial Day Program honors those who have fallen

Thursday, June 10, 2021
386 flags decorated the Washington St. Boulevard (shown above), Happy Siesta Health Care Center, Bavarian Meadows Senior Living, Remsen Cemeteries, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Christ Lutheran Church, and MMCRU School. Each flag symbolizes an individual who is no longer here to commemorate this Memorial Day. More pictures from the program are on Page 8 of the June 10, 2021 edition of the Remsen Bell.
(Photo by Megan Sabin)

After a year's absence due to COVID-19, the Annual Memorial Day Program was held on Monday, May 31, 2021, by the Veterans Memorial in the Remsen Cemeteries. This 10 a.m. program was sponsored by the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

To start the program, the Invocation was presented by Father Bill McCarthy, pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Remsen.

A musical selection was then played by the MMCRU Band, under the direction of Miss Emma Davis.

Eight of the VFW and American Legion members placed a wreath around a cross to honor the fallen veterans of the seven wars and the Middle East conflict and salute them at the Memorial Day program on Monday, May 31. Wars represented include: Spanish American War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, and Middle East Conflict.
(Photo by Megan Sabin)

Then came the Role Call of the 386 individuals whose flags are on the Avenue of Flags, including Washington St. Boulevard, Happy Siesta Health Care Center, Bavarian Meadows Senior Living, Remsen Cemeteries, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, St. Paul Lutheran Church, and Christ Lutheran Church, and MMCRU School. Each flag symbolizes an individual who is no longer here to commemorate this day.

The following are the names of the deceased veterans whose flags were represented on the Avenue of Flags:


Mike Ruden salutes one of the new flags after being placed in it's spot during the program.
(Photo by Megan Sabin)

Daniel Ahlers, Herman Ahlers, Lawrence Ahlers, Vince Ahlers, Kenneth G. Alesch, Lorne Alesch, Ronald Amundson, Carlton Anderson, James Roman Arens, Oswald Arens, Raymond Arens, Robert Arens, Gerald Augustine.


D.A. Bacan, Jack Barthole, Chuck Bass, W.L. Bates, Harry Beck, Herb Beck, Jim Beck, Larry Beckman, Bill Bentz, Gerald J. Bentz, Kenneth Bentz, Lester J. Bentz, Roy Bentz, Tom Bentz, William E. Bentz, Herold Berding, Robert Bergner, Curton Bjelland, Dennis Bjork, Oscar D. Block, Peter Block, Gilbert Blum, Herman Boever, Richard Boever, John Bohlke, Millo Bohlke, Joe Bohnenkamp, Ken Bohnenkamp, Thomas Bohnenkamp, Virgil Bohnenkamp, Roger Bosworth, George Bottjen, Roy Bouma, Henry Brandes, Edwin Bruscher, Cletus Bunkers, Daniel Bunkers, Roman Bernard Bunkers.


Leo Cassidy, Bill Christoffel, Carl Colling, Carel J. Connor, Jim Cook.


Allen Delperdang, Alphonse Delperdang, David Delperdang, Vince Delperdang, Frances Diedrich, Matt Diedrich, Norma Diedrich, Norman Diedrich, Joseph Diekman, Harm Dirks, Walter Dixon, Martin Dorr, Donald Dunn, Earl Durband.


Verdine Ehrp, Joseph (Buzz) Elving.


S.M. Fiedler, David Fisch, John Foxen, Joe Frank, Nick H. Frank, Raymond J. Frank, Tom Frank, Filmore Frasch, George Frederes, Ray Frederick, Albert Fromme.


Donald Galles, Fred Galles, Joe Galles, Louis Galles, Al. F. (Sonny) Gengler, Al. M. Gengler, Joe Gengler, Dr. L.A. George, Mike Goetzinger, Joe Gossling, Dale Grage, Ray Grage, Orville Gramlow, Duane Grant, Frank Greten, Henry Groepper, Kenneth Groepper, James L. Grunden, James Gunningham, Ray Guttner.


George Hagart, Harold Hagart, Steven R. Hagey, Luverne Hames, Charles Hansen, Henry Hansen, Leonard Hansen, Murl Hansen, Jim Harmin, Clayton Harnack, Donald Harnack, John Harnack, Robert Elmer Harnack, Ross Harnack, Lloyd Harpenau, Eugene Harte, Floyd Harvey, Vernon R. Hathaway, Nick Hatz, Paul Hatz, Vernon Hatz, Claire (Bud) Haye, W.M. Heidesch, Nicholas Heyman, Robert Hodgen, Benny Holtgrewe, Dale L. Homan, Elaine Homan, Gorden Homan, Loyal Homan, Milo Homan, Paul Homan, Pete Homan, Robert Homan, Fred Horkey, Otmar Huewe, Micheal Patrick Hughes, Richard Hughes, Tom Hughes, Donald John Hunter, Russell Hunter, William Woodrow Hunter.


Robert LaVerne Jaminet, Willis Jensen, Harry Johnson, Peter Jones, Earl Juhl, Lyle Juhl.


Bud Kahl, Henry Kahl, Wayne Kappler, Raymond H. Kellen, Robert Kellen, Stanley Kellen, Pat Kelly, Edgar E. Kendall, Dennis Klein, Malcolm Klein, Thomas Klein, Melvin (Jim) Sr. Klein, Fred Jr. Klingbeil, Jack Kloster, Lavern Kloster, Herman Kluver, Marvin Kluver, Theo Kobbermann, Raymond H. Kohnke, Donald J. Kolker, Jerome Konz, Kenneth Konz, Leander F. Konz, Fidelis Koob, Roman Kosse, Elmer Kroeger, Joe Krogman, Don Kunkel, Marvin John Kunkel, Richard Kunkel.


Roger Ladenthin, Roger L. Ladenthin, John Lamp, Howard K. Lang, Paul Lang, Wayne Lang, Frank Lanners, Frank Lenertz, Leland P. Letsche, Leroy Letsche, Roland Letsche, Ed Lloyd, Dale A. Loutsch, Elmer Loutsch, Jeffrey Loutsch, Paul Loutsch.


John Maass, Marvin Mai, Nick Mai, Carl Marquard, Marcel Matgen, Richard Matgen, Albert Mayer, Lawrence Mayrose, Lt. J.D. McFarland, Walt Melentovich, Toby Meister, Milf Milfs, Richard Milfs, William Milfs, Floyd Miller, Jim Miller, Kenny Miller, Vernon E. Miller, Ferdenand Moeller, Fred Moeller, Bill Mohning, Marvin (Monk) Mongold, Harold Mouser, Francis Muller, James Muller, John (Bud) Muller.


Orville Nemmers, Ed Niehus, James Niehus, Ronald Niehus, Mike Niggeling, Tom Niggeling, Francis A. Nilles, Lorne G. Nilles, Donald Nitzschke, Lester Nitzschke, Lyle Nitzschke, Marvin Nitzschke, Otto Nitzschke, Richard Nitzschke, Aloysius (Al) Nothem, Hubert Nothem Sr., Tony Nothem, Milton Nussbaum Sr.


Donald Ortmann, Joe Ortmann, Robert J. Ortmann, Roman Ortmann, Walter Ortmann, Donald Ott.


Oliver Peiffer, Wm. Peiper, Paul C. Petersen, John C. Peterson, Fred Phillips, Wendell Phillips, Aloysius Pick, Cliff Pick, Daniel J. Pick, Dr. E.H. Pick, Glen Pick, Jim Pick, Joe Gregor Pick, John Pick, Joe Plathe, Leroy Plendl, Eugene A. Poeckes, Paul Poeckes, Roger Poeckes, Charlie Preshuhn.


Dan Raveling, Gordon Dale Riedemann, Albert Reiners, Urbank Ed Reinhart, Don Reistoffer, Ray Reistoffer, Ronald Ruhland, Clarence Ricke, Roger Riste, Silas D. Ritz, Glenn Robinson, Raymond Robinson, John Rodenbour, Albert Roder, Jerome M. Roder, John Rodesch, Cordell Rogers, Henry Rolfes, Lester Rolfes, James I. Rollins, Sylvester Ruba Sr.


John Sanny, Donald Sanow, Harlan Sanow, James A. Sanow, Larry Sanow, Wayne Sanow, John Scharf, Larry Sheehan, Emil Schermer, Ben Schierholt, Cletus Schiltz, Elmer Schiltz, Richard Schiltz, Leo Schleis, Lyndell Schmid, Richard J. Schmidt, Charles Schnepf, Robert Schnieders, Anselom Scholer, Martin Schreiner, Darrel Schroeder, Irvin D. Schroeder, Paul Leroy Schroeder, Tom Schumacher, Gerald Shea, Lawrence Shea, Omer Shea, Valva Shea, Walter Shea, Gerald T. Slota, William O. Smith, Leonard Sonnichsen, Hans Sonnichsen, Carl Spiecker, Emory Spiecker, Ervin Staab, Ralph Staab, Richard Staab, Wendell K. Staab, Jack Stoffel, Nick Stoffel, Jack Stoos, Jerome Stoos, Richard Stoos, Anthony Strehl, Francis Strehl, Dennis Sudtelgte, Earl Sudtelgte, Jim Sudtelgte, Daniel Sullivan.


Cyril Theisen, Robert Thiel, Frank Thiel, Fred Thiel, John E. (Buck) Thiel, Marion F. Thiel, Matthias Thiel, Urban Thiel, Vernon Thill, Claude Treinen, Elmer Treinen, Francis Treinen, Henry A. Treinen, Leroy P. Treinen, Louis Treinen, Richard Treinen, Cyril F. Tritz, Doris M. Tritz, Francis Tritz, Franklin Tritz, Joseph Tritz, Don Tutt.


John A. Van Dam, John Vander Molen, Aloysuis John Vaske Jr.


Joseph A. Wagner, Leo Wagner, David Waldschmitt, Ray Waldschmitt, Evelyn Walker, Russel Walker, Russill Walker, Wm. Waugh, Dick Weber, Luvern Weiderhold, Duane Weiler, Gilbert Weiler, Arthur Wersinger, Vernon Wess, Gilbert Wictor, Charles Wilberding, James L. Wolf, Robert Wurth, Thomas P. Wurth, William J. Wurth.


James Young.


Cloyd Zeig.

The 2021 Avenue of Flags Memorial Day program featured the addition of 19 flags. Family members and friends carried the flags of deceased veterans as the veteran’s name were called during the program. Flags dedicated this year included the following veterans: Dick Bachmann, Dennis M. Britt, Dan Colling, Dwayne Douvia, Ronald Fiedler, Dale Joseph Galles, James Raynmond Harpenau, Joseph M. Kass, Wayne Maass, Robert Meyer, James Moritz, David Niggeling, Paul Pick, Ron Pottebaum, Ronald Schilmoeller, Gilbert “Gib” Schroeder, Bernard “Shorty” Thiel, Roger Wilson, and Dennis Frederick.

Next was the wreath presentation, where eight of the VFW and American Legion members placed a wreath around a cross to honor the fallen veterans of the seven wars and the Middle East conflict. Wars represented were Spanish American War by Donald Konz, Civil War by Alan Klein, World War I by Gerald Waldschmitt, World War II by Mike Klein, Korean War by John Cochran, Vietnam War by Steve Matgen, Persian Gulf War by Ryan Arens, and the Middle East Conflict by Donald Keffeler. Tom Augustine then stated, "The flowers may wither and die but the spirit of which they are a symbol will endure forever."

The Remsen VFW and American Legion Color Guards then presented and saluted the colors while other members took part in the 21 Gun Salute.

"Taps" and a final musical selection of "The National Anthem" was played by the MMCRU Band, while Mike Ruden raised the flag.

The Closing Prayer, by Father Bill McCarthy, ended the annual program for this year.