Barry to retire at end of school year

Thursday, May 20, 2021
Caryn Barry, MMCRU High School Secretary, works at her desk. She made the decision to retire at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.
(Photo contributed)

MMCRU High School Secretary Caryn Barry made the decision to retire at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, “I had been planning to retire after this school year for a few years. It was a hard decision to make but now that the time is near, it feels like the right decision.”

In retirement, she plans to spend time with family and outdoors, “I plan to spend a lot of time visiting my kids and grandkids. I enjoy being outside, and I have a large acreage so I will spend lots of time mowing and just being outside.”

She looks forward to sleeping in when she retires, “Other than having the freedom to visit my family whenever I want, I look forward to sleeping in. I am not a morning person and look forward to going to bed late and getting up late.”

Barry’s family includes three daughters and four grandchildren, “I lost Mike, my beloved husband of 43 years, last October. We have three daughters and four grandchildren. Megan is a social worker in Tennessee. Kristen (Luke Edwards) is an attorney in Pierre, S.D., and Nicole (Justin Cave) is a chiropractic assistant in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Barry has worked in many different buildings during her career, “I started my career with MMC in Cleghorn during the 1998 school year as the At-Risk tutor with seventh and eighth graders. This was my favorite school position. After 10 years, the program ended, and I became the secretary in Cleghorn until the building closed in 2015. I then became the secretary at Marcus Elementary until 2017, when I moved to that position in the MMCRU High School. So throughout the years, I have served Pre-K through 12th grade with seven different principals.”

She has experienced many memorable moments during her time in the MMC School District, “There have been many memorable moments during these years. Some are sad, some hilarious, and some heartwarming. People said we should write a book about all that we see and hear in the office, but I think it will remain confidential.”

Barry has enjoyed the people she has met throughout her career, “I have really appreciated all of my co-workers who are like family to me and have been there with me through good and bad times. They made my job fun! I always looked forward to holidays in Cleghorn when the kids would make me greeting cards. I still have my favorite ones.”

Barry added, “I will really miss all of my co-workers and all of the people I have met during the years: students, professional peers that I only knew through phone conversations, AEA delivery person, and many more.”