Remsen St. Mary’s 2020-21 boys basketball recap

Thursday, April 8, 2021
The Remsen St. Mary’s boys basketball team. Members of this season’s squad included: front row (from left), Kadden Groepper, Alex Schroeder, Brody Schorg, Jaxon Bunkers, Hunter Pick, Levi Waldschmitt. Back Row: Wesley Galles, Carter Schorg, Cael Ortmann, Ryan Willman, Austin Jensen, Damen Brownmiller, Blaine Harpenau, Cole Homan. The Remsen St. Mary’s boys basketball team finished with a record of 22-4 on the season, reaching their fifth consecutive state tournament, while going 8-2 in War Eagle Conference play. The team bowed out in the Class 1A state quarterfinal round to Grand View Christian. The Hawks will graduate seniors Blaine Harpenau and Levi Waldschmitt. The team was led by co-Head Coaches Scott and Justin Ruden and assistant coaches Jarrod Schott, Nolan Heese and Colin Schroeder.
(Photo Courtesy of Liz Fisch)

Team statistics

Points for per game 60.8

Points against per game 41.8

Field goal %49.3
3-point %33.9
3-pointers made152
Free throw %71.1

Individual statistics

Points (per game)

Jaxon Bunkers326 (12.5)
Austin Jensen262 (10.1)
Carter Schorg236 (9.4)
Blaine Harpenau226 (8.7)
Alex Schroeder224 (8.6)
Levi Waldschmitt137 (6.0)
Ryan Willman89 (3.4)


Austin Jensen156
Blaine Harpenau115
Jaxon Bunkers97
Carter Schorg77
Levi Waldschmitt58
Ryan Willman53
Alex Schroeder52


Blaine Harpenau112
Jaxon Bunkers88
Alex Schroeder50
Levi Waldschmitt50
Austin Jensen48
Carter Schorg44


Blaine Harpenau49
Austin Jensen45
Jaxon Bunkers33
Carter Schorg28
Levi Waldschmitt27


Austin Jensen10
Blaine Harpenau7
Ryan Willman5

Field Goal % (Min. 100 attempts)

Austin Jensen60.5
Carter Schorg53.2
Blaine Harpenau47.7
Jaxon Bunkers47.6
Levi Waldschmitt47.4
Alex Schroeder39.7

3-Pointers made

Jaxon Bunkers44
Alex Schroeder41
Carter Schorg30
Blaine Harpenau21
Levi Waldschmitt9
Cael Ortmann7

3-Point % (Min. 25 attempts)

Carter Schorg41.7
Jaxon Bunkers37.0
Alex Schroeder34.2
Blaine Harpenau28.8
Cael Ortmann25.9
Levi Waldschmitt25.7

Free Throw % (Min. 25 attempts)

Carter Schorg92.7
Austin Jensen80.0
Jaxon Bunkers73.8
Levi Waldschmitt69.0
Alex Schroeder65.8