Remsen St. Mary’s 2020-21 girls basketball recap

Thursday, April 8, 2021
The Remsen St. Mary’s girls basketball team. Members of this season’s squad included: front row (from left), Jacie Homan, Carmindee Ricke, Mya Bunkers, Gracyn Schroeder, Halle Galles. Back Row: Whitney Jensen, Brittany Johnson, Tori Galles, Sydney Schroeder, Carly Ortmann, Claire Schroeder. The Remsen St. Mary’s girls basketball team finished with a record of 14-10 on the season and went 6-4 in War Eagle Conference contests. The Hawks graduate seniors Carly Ortmann, Brittany Johnson, Tori Galles and Sydney Schroeder from this year’s team. The team was led by Head Coach Scott Willman and assistant coaches Joe Loutsch, Greg Schroeder, Jeremy Bunkers and Melissa Jensen.
(Photo Courtesy of Liz Fisch)

Team statistics

Points for per game 56.0

Points against per game 48.2

Field goal %39.1
3-point %25.8
3-pointers made107
Free throw %55.9

Individual statistics

Points (per game)

Mya Bunkers262 (10.9)
Whitney Jensen223 (9.3)
Claire Schroeder194 (8.1)
Carmindee Ricke179 (7.5)
Sydney Schroeder156 (6.5)
Brittany Johnson147 (6.1)


Whitney Jensen183
Claire Schroeder121
Mya Bunkers85
Carmindee Ricke79
Brittany Johnson79


Carmindee Ricke95
Whitney Jensen75
Mya Bunkers56
Tori Galles28
Sydney Schroeder28


Carmindee Ricke103
Whitney Jensen99
Mya Bunkers49
Tori Galles34
Claire Schroeder26
Brittany Johnson24
Sydney Schroeder23


Whitney Jensen52
Brittany Johnson12
Carmindee Ricke11
Carly Ortmann8

Field Goal % (Min. 100 attempts)

Brittany Johnson45.7
Carmindee Ricke44.5
Mya Bunkers43.7
Claire Schroeder43.6
Whitney Jensen41.3

3-Pointers made

Mya Bunkers32
Sydney Schroeder23
Tori Galles14
Brittany Johnson12
Whitney Jensen12

3-Point % (Min. 30 attempts)

Brittany Johnson31.6
Mya Bunkers27.4
Sydney Schroeder24.0
Whitney Jensen24.0
Tori Galles19.2

Free Throw % (Min. 25 attempts)

Brittany Johnson67.9
Sydney Schroeder62.2
Mya Bunkers58.8
Claire Schroeder57.4
Whitney Jensen53.4
Carmindee Ricke50.0