MMCRU 2020-21 boys basketball recap

Thursday, April 1, 2021
The MMCRU boys basketball team. Members of this seasonís squad included: front row (from left), Owen Alesch, Dawson Pick, Dylan Dirks, and Noah Galles. Middle row: Brayden Dirks, Derek Goth, Kyler Bork, Andrew Barinsky, Gunnar Johnson, and Cade Pepper. Back row: Head coach Cam Kuchel, Kamden Steffen, Jonah Petersen, Brett Staab, Mitchel Schnepf, Owen Schroeder, Preston Astidias, and assistant coach Brad Hodgen. The MMCRU boys basketball team finished with a record of 4-17 on the season and went 2-8 in War Eagle Conference play. The Royals graduate senior Cade Pepper from this yearís team.
(Photo Courtesy of MMCRU HS Journalism)

Team statistics

Points for per game 52.8

Points against per game 67.2

Field goal %35.5
3-point %28.0
3-pointers made126
Free throw %62.6

Individual statistics

Points (per game)

Kamden Steffen271 (13.6)
Cade Pepper260 (12.4)
Derek Goth171 (8.1)
Mitchell Schnepf129 (6.1)
Preston Astidias91 (4.3)
Kyler Bork87 (4.1)


Kamden Steffen110
Mitchell Schnepf110
Preston Astidias96
Cade Pepper81
Derek Goth52


Cade Pepper63
Preston Astidias60
Kamden Steffen56
Derek Goth29
Mitchell Schnepf23


Kamden Steffen36
Preston Astidias33
Cade Pepper33
Derek Goth25
Mitchell Schnepf15
Keegan Stevens11


Kamden Steffen20
Mitchell Schnepf10
Derek Goth8

Field Goal % (Min. 100 attempts)

Kamden Steffen43.0
Mitchell Schnepf42.9
Cade Pepper38.7
Preston Astidias34.6
Kyler Bork29.5
Derek Goth28.1

3-Pointers made

Cade Pepper41
Derek Goth29
Kyler Bork20
Kamden Steffen14
Preston Astidias9

3-Point % (Min. 30 attempts)

Cade Pepper31.1
Derek Goth28.2
Kamden Steffen26.9
Kyler Bork26.7
Preston Astidias25.0

Free Throw % (Min. 30 attempts)

Cade Pepper79.5
Kamden Steffen71.4
Derek Goth56.0
Mitchell Schnepf46.6