Jeri A. Photography moves downtown

Thursday, August 20, 2020
Jeri A. Hofland, owner of Jeri A. Photography, stands next to the new sign by her business, which is now located at 150 S. Washington St., in downtown Remsen.
(Photo by Megan Sabin)

Jeri A. Photography is owned by Jeri A. Hofland of Remsen. After working on site for photos and in a smaller studio located on Hwy 3, Jeri A. Photography has made the move to a new location downtown. The new building is located at 150 S. Washington St., where the Remsen Bell-Enterprise office once was located.

Jeri described why she moved her business to the downtown area, My goal has always been to have a location downtown closer to the other Remsen businesses, so when I saw the open building downtown, I thought that would be a great opportunity for me to make that change. I officially made the move in April of this year, but with closures for many businesses due to COVID, it has been a slow process to open up to the public again. The new building offers a much larger space for portraits, a more private experience for boudoir sessions, and I am able to have my office space in the studio as well which is a fantastic change. Overall, the move was great, and I'm working on creating my ideal studio space to be able to give my clients the best experience possible.

Jeri exclaimed, I'm very excited to be able to participate better in some of the town traditions like the downtown trick or treating, hometown christmas, and the other events put on, and Im also hoping to host an open house later this year to the public.

Jeri A. Photography is a full service photography studio offering a variety of services from Weddings, Boudoir, Portraits, and Products. Information on booking and sessions can be found on her website or Facebook page.