Do you agree or disagree with the proposed gun bill currently under consideration by the Iowa legislature?

Have you filed your taxes yet?

What's a classic April Fool's Day prank?

Who is the best NCAA Men's Basketball program of all time?

What's your favorite St. Paddy's Day menu item?

Will we receive another six-plus inch snowfall in March?

What are you most looking forward to about spring?

Based on this year's season, which team has the best chance to bring home a state title?

What's your favorite award show to watch?

What's your idea of romance?

What's your favorite type of puzzle?

In honor of National Pie Day, what's your favorite pie?

How soon did you break your New Year's resolution?

What do you feel the top story of 2016 in Plymouth County was?

What's the hardest New Year's Resolution to keep?

What is your favorite holiday carol?

What's your favorite Christmas season activity?

Should the Plymouth County Supervisors financially support the Plywood Trail?

How far are you on your Christmas shopping?

What's your favorite holiday activity?