LCS sends 28 events to state Individual Speech

Monday, March 6, 2023
(Photo Contributed) Le Mars Community High School students who competed in the District Individual Speech contest Feb. 25, are, front row, from left, Maddie Keunen, Brock Feldman, Jatzumy Castillo, Miranda Lozada, Helen Goeken, Laila Archer, Abigail Tilberg, Emma Brennan, and Stacie Heitritter. Second row, Kennedy McInnis, Kemper Bowden, Isabel Crosgrove, Blake Daale, Cambrie Ludwigs, Katelyn Koster, Jenna Morris, and Luke Larson. Back row, Ryder Mullally, Greta Tilberg, Megan Brennan, Izzy Tardive, Riley Peterson, Aaliyah Vlcek, and Addy Haack.

LE MARS — Twenty-six Le Mars Community High School students competed in the district Individual Events Speech Contest bringing home 28 “I” ratings and seven “II” ratings.

The district contest was held Saturday, Feb. 25, at Woodbury Central School in Moville.

According to IE speech coach Erin Ohrlund, each student may enter two events.

“We have students in all 14 categories, but favorites include poetry, acting, storytelling and improv,” she said.

The students earning a Division I rating will advance to the state contest March 11 at Fort Dodge.

Students competing at the district contest, by category, entry title, and rating, are:

• Solo Improvisation

Isabel Crosgrove, I

Jenna Morris, II

Luke Larson, I

• After Dinner Speaking

Laila Archer, UFO, I

• Storytelling

Cambrie Ludwigs, Velcome, I

Maddie Keunen, The Legend of Slappy Hooper, II

Kennedy McInnis, The Girl Who Wanted the Willies, I

• Expository Address

Katelyn Koster, Dance, I

• Prose

Laila Archer, The Story of an Hour, I

Ryder Mullally, Old Dry Frye, 2

Izzy Tardive, Goldilocks Returns, 2

Addison Haack, The Day the Crayons Quit, I

• Original Oratory

Abigail Tilberg, TBI?, I

Jatzumy Castillo, The American Dream, I

• Literature Program

Jenna Morris, The Strengths of Women, I

Greta Tilberg, Porcine Pals, I

Helen Goeken, Parents and Children, II

• Public Address

Miranda Lozada, He For She UN Address, I

Greta Tilberg, How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain, II

• Acting

Stacie Heitritter, For Who the Bell, Like, Tolls, I

Isabel Crosgrove, Trapped in a Monologue, I

Blake Daale Sun Dazed, I

• Radio News Announcing

Kemper Bowden, I

Emma Brennan, I

Luke Larson, I

Megan Brennan, I

• Poetry

Riley Peterson, I Am an Emotional Creature, I

Maddie Keunen, B (If I Should Have a Daughter), I

Aaliyah Vlcek, Teen Life Today, I

• Solo Musical Theatre

Kennedy McInnis, Me and the Sky, II

Kemper Bowden, Michael in the Bathroon, I

• After Dinner Speaking

Ryder Mullally, SWIFT, I

• Spontaneous Speaking

Abigail Tilberg, I

• Reviewing

Brock Feldman, Lorde’s Pure Heroine, I

• Expository Address

Stacie Heitritter, The Eyes Have It, I

Ohrlund explained preparing for the individual contest is somewhat easier than preparing for the Large Group contest.

“Individual Events speech is not as demanding for students because the performance times are short (5-8 minutes), so their practice times can be short as well,” she said.

“Students can run through their pieces whenever they have a few moments, and they do not have to schedule around others’ activities like they must in Large Group. Students sign up for rehearsal times with coaches in the morning and after school several times a week,” she continued.

Participating in individual speech by students is an important part of their high school experience for several reasons.

“The philosophy of the Iowa High School Speech Association is that ‘no form of activity is any more important than that of learning to speak effectively,’ and our students are shining examples of how to develop this life skill,” Ohrlund said.

“We coaches get to see our students’ incredible growth in confidence, communication, and compassion as they work to improve their performances. Confidence develops as students perform repeatedly and learn from the critiques they receive. Communication is enhanced when students experiment with different techniques to express themselves. Compassion improves as students learn about others’ experiences vicariously through their contest selections, as well as seeing their peers’ growth throughout the speech season,” she said.

“Speech is a really rewarding activity,” Orhlund said.

Ohrlund, longtime speech coach, will retire at the end of the 2022-23 school year. She is assisted by Jocelyn Hommes and Cole Berkenpas.

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