Catholic Schools Week celebrated at RSM

Thursday, February 9, 2023
On Friday, February 3, Denny Slota presented a check of $3,825.00 to the school from all the cans Denny and Linda Slota and Todd and Laurie Gerrietts haul to Cherokee for RSM School. Pictured above, from left: Fr. Timothy Pick, Kim Phillips, and Denny Slota. (Photo contributed)

Remsen St. Mary’s celebrated Catholic Schools Week from January 29 -February 4, 2023, and the theme was “Faith. Excellence. Service.” Catholic Schools Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. Special activities took place each day that celebrated the people who make up the Catholic community.

At St. Mary’s Catholic School, they teach their students to live by their mission statement, “To Act Justly, To Love Tenderly and To Walk Humbly With Our God.” (Micah 6:8).

To kick off Catholic Schools Week, Sunday, January 29 was about “Celebrating our Parish.”

On Monday, January 30, the school “Celebrated our Faculty and Staff.” Thank you to all the teachers and staff for making a difference every day at RSM.

On Tuesday, January 31, the school “Celebrated the Community and Nation.” They had some special guests visiting, which included: Zach Arnold reading to Preschool and first grade students. Then Zach came up and spoke with the fifth through eighth grades. Steve Matgen read to the TK and Kindergarten classes. David Grady read a book to the second and third graders. Ryan Arens read a book to the fourth graders.

Also on Tuesday, the sun was out and so were the smiles at Bavarian Meadows. The CLT students made a visit to some of the men and women out at Bavarian. Tate found out he is related to Paula. Brenden learned all about Marge’s family. Olivia shared her family picture and talked about the old days with Doris. Jordyn found out that she went to Honduras with Joyce’s grandson. Ella enjoyed doing some Valentine work sheets with Colleen. Ryan and Nate heard stories about Gerald and Mark and how they use to skip school and race their cars down the road. Thanks so much Val for letting us come and visit. There were many laughs shared. It’s just the little things in life.

Wednesday for Catholic Schools Week was about “Celebrating our Students.” It was a Casual Day for all students and a no homework day. Students enjoyed donuts. Family Fun Night took place starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Jerry and Marlene Harpenau Family Gym. It was a great way to end Student Appreciation Day. Thank you to all of the parents for bringing the kids to Family Fun Night.

Thursday, February 2, was about “Celebrating our Faith and Vocations”. The Living Rosary took place at 2:30 p.m. in the Jerry and Marlene Harpenau Family Gym. As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, may we honor Mary the Mother of Jesus in a special way. We turn to Mary today by praying the Rosary, knowing that she listens to all her children’s prayers. When we were baptized, we became one with Jesus, Son of God and Son of Mary. With Jesus, we look to Mary as our Mother, and God as our Father. We ask Mary to teach us and help us by her prayers to live as God’s children. As we pray the Rosary today, we greet Mary our Mother with the words of the angel Gabriel saying, “Hail Mary…” As Mary’s sons and daughters, we ask her to pray for us “now, and at the hour of our death,” that we might be good followers of Jesus, and share in His gift of eternal life. Let us begin this wonderful prayer with the sign of our faith: In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

For many years, the parish has participated in this living rosary; many parishioners have stood by the beads and prayed together this wonderful prayer to Mary, our mother. Ron Ruhland designed and made this beautiful rosary, and we welcomed his wife, Ellen, and his daughter, Mary, who have so graciously shared it with us for our service today. Thank you also to Mrs. Full’s daughter, Rosalie, for singing the opening and closing song for our Living Rosary. It was beautiful.

Friday, February 3, was about “Celebrating our Families.” We couldn’t be happier to see all the families that joined us for Mass and the picnic today. At the picnic, Mrs. Rolfes said a few words about why she loves teaching in a Catholic School.

We recognized some staff members that have made a milestone being at RSM. Mrs. Burkey - five years; Sheila Cronin - five years; Mrs. Kris Full - five years at RSM, but 30 in Catholic Education; Carolyn Arens - 10 years; Mr. Osterman - 10 years; Laurie Gerrietts - 15 years; Mrs. Phillips - 30 years; Mrs. Lewis - 35 years; Mrs. Klein- 40 years; and Mrs. Nacke - 50 years. I want to thank not only these 10 staff members but all of our staff at RSM. We could not be what we are without all of you.

Denny Slota presented a check of $3,825.00 to the school from all the cans Denny and Linda Slota and Todd and Laurie Gerrietts haul to Cherokee for our school. Absolutely amazing how those pop cans add up. Please always feel free to drop cans off at either place.

We wished our Speech team and Mrs. Phillips the best of luck as they head to State Speech.

Lastly, we gave out the 2023 CSW Volunteer of the Year Award to Ann Cole-Nelson. Congratulations Ann and thanks for all your volunteer time to RSM.

One last thank you, to our bus drivers Greg, Alan, Doug, we appreciate the three of you more than you know hauling our students back and forth for lunches and activities during these cold days. You guys are the best.