Students taught Bigfoot survival skills

Wednesday, January 18, 2023
(Sentinel Photos by Sarah LaBrune-Jongeling) Ranger Derek Christoffel is kneeling down next to Matayah Fox at the pond at Hillview Recreation Area. Ranger Luke Hughes is in the foreground. Students from Hinton School were participating in the Bigfoot program.

HINTON — Hillview Recreation Area was full of future Bigfoots last Friday, Jan. 13. Thirteen students in grades fourth through sixth from Hinton Community School participated in ice fishing with Plymouth County Conservation staff as part of the Becoming Bigfoot program.

Shelby Nelson, a fourth grader, said “It was fun watching the people fish. I watched the people so I learned a lot.”

The Becoming Bigfoot program was created by Naturalist Victoria DeVos to encourage kids to get out in nature on Fridays once a month when there is an early out. It is free for students to participate.

“Becoming Bigfoot got its name because Bigfoot uses survival sills like shelter building, wild edible identification, fire building, tracking fish to survive without being seen,” said DeVos. “I wanted to give the kids the opportunity to get in those skills in this program.”

The students have had opportunities to build forts, ice fish, hike and do other outdoor exploration.

“We get to do fun activities,” said fourth grader Emelia DeVos. “So far I like when we built forts.”

The next Bigfoot activity is set for Feb. 10.

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