Legion honors students for flag essays

Friday, December 9, 2022
(Photo Contributed) Flag essay winners in the American Legion Wasmer Post #241 flag essay contest are, front row, from left, Parker Schroeder; Mya Weiler; Brooklyn Bolton; Asher Galles; Bentley Hightree; Benjamin Lundula; Treaty Ranu and Lydia Maughan. Back row, Jocelyn Munoz; Evelyn Nelson; Past Wasmer Post 241 Commander Dan Plueger; Ivy Trometer; Legion Auxiliary member Cathy Popp; and Mason Bollin.

LE MARS — Fifth grade students from Le Mars Community and Gehlen Catholic Schools were recognized by American Legion Wasmer Post #241 in November for their flag essays.

“We sponsor the Flag Essay Contest so the students have a better understanding of the American Flag, where it came from, who made it, what the stars and stripes represent, and general flag etiquette,” said Past Commander Dan Plueger. “It gives them an opportunity to express what the American Flag means to them.”

Requirements for the essay is that it must be a one page document, double-spaced, and contain 300 words or less, in a 12-point font.

The essay is to reflect the student’s perspective of what the United States Flag represents to them using facts from the United States Flag Code.

First, second and third place winners from each school attended the November meeting of Wasmer Post.

Winners by school are:

• Kluckhohn

Bentley Hightree, first place; Benjamin Lundula, second place; Treaty Ranu, third place.

• Franklin

Evelyn Nelson, first place; Asher Galles, second place; Lydia Maughan, third place.

• Clark

Brooklyn Bolton, first place; Ivy Trometer, second place; Parker Schroeder, third place.

• Gehlen

Mason Bollin, first place; Mya Weiler, second place; Jocelyn Munoz, third place.

One essay is also chosen to advance to the American Legion 9th District contest.

The winner this year to represent the Wasmer Post is Mason Bollin.

Following is his essay “What the American Flag Means to Me.”

“Everyone loves something, and my something is the American flag. Some people think it is just a flag, but to me I think it is more than that. Let me explain to you what I mean.

When I sing the National Anthem I am honoring the flag. While singing the song the words mean so much because the words are all about the American flag. The National Anthem is a beautiful song Americans sing to represent America. Sporting events are the best time to sing because you get to watch a fun game and sing the most beautiful song in the world. Saying the National Anthem makes me respect the flag more and more. The National Anthem is an amazing addition to the flag.

“Another thing I love is Flag Day. Flag Day was created in 1777 on June 14. They liked the design and I can’t blame then, it is a beautiful flag. 1777 was only one year after America gained independence from Great Britain. Flag Day is one of my favorite holidays.

“My favorite part about the flag is being reminded of freedom because of all the veterans. I can’t go 10 feet in the air without getting scared, but veterans will go on a battlefield and risk their lives for their country. The worst thing is they don’t get close to the amount of respect they deserve. I don’t have any family in the Army, but I wish I did so I could ask them what they did while they served. I know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and I respect each and every veteran.

“The flag is very meaningful to me and many others. I love the flag so much. I respect it and you should, too.”

Bollin’s essay will be judged in January 2023.

“Congratulations to all the winners, you did a fantastic job,” Plueger said.

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