Auctioneers receive bid for ‘Heroes Game’ honor

Friday, November 25, 2022
(Photo contributed) Auctioneer Randy Stabe of Hinton has been selected as one of the honorees for this year’s “Heroes Game” between Big Ten Conference rivals Iowa and Nebraska. Stabe will be honored at halftime of the football game which kicks off at 3 p.m., Friday.

IOWA CITY — When Nebraska joined the Big Ten Conference in 2011, a rivalry game with Iowa was put on the schedule for the Friday after Thanksgiving every year. Dubbed the “Heroes Game” the contest honors local heroes who exemplify the goal of positively impacting the community and who stand as an inspiration to others. Fans of each school are encouraged to nominate everyday citizens of Iowa and Nebraska who have performed extraordinary acts of heroism.

Randy Stabe of Hinton and Clint Vos of Lawton, are this year’s honorees for Iowa, being selected for their work as charity auctioneers.

Stabe said he was surprised at learning the news of being honored.

“I didn’t know we were even nominated until we found out that we won,” Stabe said. “It was a big surprise and of course a big honor also. We were very humbled to have been selected for that.”

The pair volunteer their auctioneer services annually to nearly 30 nonprofit organizations, many of which they have served for more than three decades. The Boys and Girls Club specifically has benefited more than 40 years from the devoted auctioneer services of Stabe and Vos. In addition to donating their time, the talented pair often donate or purchase items at charity functions as a complementary way to help support the cause.

“It was evident through the multiple entries received, that Randy and Clint were affirmed by so many for their outstanding charitable work with countless organizations – clearly standing out as ‘local heroes’ who make a tremendous impact in the community,” said Nathan Johnson, Communications & Sponsorship Manager for SCHEELS, the title sponsor of the “Heroes Game.” “We’re proud to recognize Randy and Clint at game day in Kinnick – Hawkeye fans and notable local heroes who align perfectly with our values.”

Stabe said during a typical year, he does several charity auctions. This can include annual fundraisers for organizations or stand alone events that pop up.

“I’d say we do annual auctions for probably 20-25 different organizations,” Stabe said. “Then there’s other ones we do if somebody gets hurt or they have a child or somebody that would get into a bad accident and they’re doing a fundraiser. We’ll get calls to help sell the items that are donated for those things. Of course those are just a one-time deal, but we usually have a few of those every year.”

Stabe said he got his start helping out his dad, Vernon, and that got him into the business himself.

“How I got started was when I was a little kid, my dad helped do a fundraiser for the Boys Club of Sioux City,” Stabe said. “I would go along and help hold up the things we were selling, the toys and stuff that my dad and his other two partners were selling. That’s just kind of how it got in my blood. After I graduated high school, became an auctioneer and I started taking those things over from dad and just continued the fundraising process and I guess I’m still doing it today and have no plans of quitting anytime soon.”

Stabe and Vos will be recognized at halftime at Kinnick Stadium. It will be the first visit to a game there for Stabe, something he is excited about.

“It’s going to be a whole new experience for me and I can only imagine what it’s going to be like, but I’m sure it’s going to be absolutely mind-blowing,” Stabe said. “I’m very excited about it and really looking forward to it. As far as I understand, they’re going to present the award to us at halftime out on the 50-yard line of the field, so it’s just going to be a great experience all the way through.”

The halftime recognition will involve state representatives and the mascots of both schools, as well as videoboard recognition for the 2022 SCHEELS Heroes. A replica of the Heroes trophy will be displayed at the local SCHEELS of the winning team.

Since the series was revived in 2011, Iowa holds an 8-3 advantage over Nebraska, including winning each of the last seven contests between the conference rivals. A win for the Hawkeyes this year would clinch the West Division of the conference standings and send the Hawkeyes to the Big Ten Championship Game.

The game kicks off at 3 p.m., Friday, and Gary Barta, the Director of Athletics at the University of Iowa, said he is excited to welcome the auctioneers to Iowa City.

“We’re thrilled to honor Randy and Clint, who deserve a hero’s welcome from 70,000 fans inside Kinnick on Friday,” Barta said. “We certainly appreciate the ongoing support from SCHEELS and their dedication to everyday heroes, and we look forward to recognizing Randy and Clint, as well as the heroes representing Nebraska.”

Stabe and Vos have raised millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations for more than 25 years. They enjoy their work and providing nonprofit organizations auctioneer services free-of-charge. The pair even pivoted plans from live to virtual auctions during the pandemic.

Stabe said it is nice to be recognized, but said he doesn’t do it for the recognition.

“When you walk away from being able to do my part in a fundraiser for a very well needed organization and can walk away and be one little part of the fundraising of $100,000 or $200,000 that some of these events that we do, it’s just very gratifying,” Stabe said. “It just makes you feel really good. We don’t ever look for anything in return, it’s just doing our part. We have the talent to do it and I like doing it. As far as getting anything in return, it’s not anything about that at all. We actually walk away with a gift of being able to help out.”

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