Kingsley-Pierson volleyball 2022 recap

Wednesday, November 23, 2022
(Sentinel Photo By Allen Hamil) Members of the varsity team included: Front row (from left): — Carly Huth, Avery Schroeder, Karah Hill. Middle row — Allison Reinking, Makenna Bowman, Gabby Boustead, Abby Thompson. Back row — Sidney Krosch, Reagan Vos, Jorja Howe.

The Kingsley-Pierson volleyball team went 8-22 overall on the season and finished with a 2-7 record in Western Valley Conference play. The team graduates seniors Abby Thompson, Avery Schroeder, Carly Huth, Allison Reinking, Makenna Bowman, Gabby Boustead and Reagan Vos from this year’s squad. The team was led by Head Coach Torey Hill.

Team statistics

Kills 549
Kill efficiency .049
Assists 530
Aces 124
Digs 1,094
Blocks 98

Individual statistics


Allison Reinking172
Gabby Boustead113
Avery Schroeder103
Karah Hill68
Jorja Howe44
Reagan Vos42

Kill Efficiency (Min. 200 attacks)

Allison Reinking.157
Avery Schroeder.080
Jorja Howe.050
Gabby Boustead.047


Reagan Vos38
Allison Reinking23
Avery Schroeder22
Karah Hill16
Gabby Boustead14
Serve Efficiency (Min. 150 serves)
Jorja Howe.948
Avery Schroeder.938
Gabby Boustead.919
Reagan Vos.914
Allison Reinking.908


Reagan Vos247
Jorja Howe212


Reagan Vos206
Gabby Boustead178
Jorja Howe159
Allison Reinking157
Makenna Bowman156
Carly Huth80
Avery Schroeder80


Allison Reinking26
Avery Schroeder25
Jorja Howe15
Reagan Vos13
Gabby Boustead12
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