LCS enrollment steady for 2022-23 school year

Wednesday, November 23, 2022
(Photo Contributed) The halls at Le Mars Community High School get crowded as students go from class to class, according to Principal Dr. Mark Iverson. The high school has 686 in grades 9-12, with the ninth grade the largest class at 187. This year’s kindergarten class of 123 students is the smallest class at LCS.

LE MARS — Enrollment at Le Mars Community Schools is steady, with 2,235.31 students according to the certified enrollment count for the 2022-23 school year.

Curriculum Director Rachel Leavitt reported the numbers to the LCS Board of Education at its Nov. 14 meeting.

“We are down half a student,” she said, from the 2021-22 certified enrollment count.

The official certified enrollment numbers are taken on Oct. 1 in Iowa, and must be reported to the Iowa Department of Education by an Oct. 15 deadline.

At its Oct. 10 meeting, the board decided to wait until the November meeting so numbers would be finalized before receiving the count total.

As Leavitt noted, the certified enrollment determines the funding the school district will receive for the next school year.

“The certified enrollment is made up of five categories,” Leavitt said.

The certified enrollment count includes the total resident public school students attending classes; the open enrolled out students to other districts; Resident Tuition Out full-time (non-open enrolled out); CPI (Competent Private Instruction) Enroll Activities (home school students); and Non-public shared/High School CPI Dual Enrollment.

“Total Resident Public Students attending are students who are in our classrooms that live in our school boundaries,” Leavitt said. “We have 2,107, up two from last year.”

Resident Open-Enroll Out are students who live within the school boundaries but are attending elsewhere.

“We have 122 open enrolled out, down two from last year,” she continued. Of that total, 73 students are open enrolled to Hinton Community School District and 14 to the Akron-Westfield School District.

“Resident Tuition Out Full-time students are resident students who have needs that we cannot necessarily meet here in our district, whether it be academic or behavior, so they attend in other school districts,” she said. This year there are two students, one attending school in Johnston and one in Council Bluffs. That number is down three from last year.

The fourth category is CPI (Competent Private Instruction) Enroll Activities.

“These are home school students, who may come here for TAG, or exploratory art. It also counts students who participate in high school school activities, for example baseball,” Leavitt said. “We have 15 kids in this category but we only get a .1 rating, so that is how we get the 1.5 student.”

“Resident Non-Public Shared Time are students attending Gehlen who are in enrolled in our concurrent enrollment or college classes,” she continued. “We also have students at Gehlen who have IEP, we serve those students, bus them back and forth so their IEP’s are met. That accounts for the 2.81 weighing.”

Superintendent Dr. Steve Webner said, “This decrease has very little impact on the district’s financial position since the decrease is very small.  However, our financial position for fiscal year 2024 will be dependent on the supplemental state aid (SSA) provided to us by the legislature. The SSA rate per student and certified enrollment are multiplied together to determine how much money the district will receive next school year.”

Webner continued that at the time of certified enrollment count, the LCS district open enrollment was basically the same as last year.

“However, we have seen an increase in students who have open enrolled either in or out of the district during the first quarter,” he said.

Two students have open enrolled out since the count date.

There are 264 students at Clark; 273 at Franklin and 412 at Kluckhohn Elementary.

In the middle school, there are a total of 472 students.

The high school has a total of 686 students, which includes 41 students at the alternative high school.

The breakdown of students in each grade is:

Sped PK — 13

Kindergarten — 123

First grade — 144

Second grade — 168

Third grade — 154

Fourth grade — 158

Fifth grade — 171

Sixth grade — 146

Seventh Grade — 141

Eighth grade — 185

Ninth grade — 187

Tenth grade — 177

Eleventh grade — 168

Twelfth grade — 154

“You can see that bubble group that you’ve heard about. The last one is the eighth grade. That group is mostly in high school now, and they will be graduating soon,” Leavitt said.

Leavitt added that High School Principal Dr. Mark Iverson and his staff said they can feel the difference in the building as the hallways are crammed and there are a lot more kids than what there used to be.

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