LCS board conducts annual meeting business

Monday, November 21, 2022

LE MARS — The Le Mars Community School District’s Board of Education conducted its annual meeting Monday, Nov. 14.

The annual meeting is required to officially conduct business.

Board secretary Lisa Boehm began that portion of the meeting by asking for nominations for president of the of the board.

Angela Catton was nominated for the president position, which she currently holds. Catton was unanimously approved as board president.

Catton then took over the meeting to ask for nominations for Vice President.

Current Vice President Jane Arnold was nominated for the position and received unanimously approval from the board.

The board then appointed Lisa Boehm to continue as secretary for the board for 2022-23.

Boehm administered the oath of office to Catton and Arnold. Both will serve a one year term.

The board appointed Pat Rosacker as treasurer for the board. He had been filling that role since the retirement of Kim Clarey earlier in the year.

The law firm of Ahlers & Cooney P.C., had expressed a willingness to serve in the capacity of legal counsel for the district.

Superintendent Dr. Steve Webner said Ahlers & Cooney is the district’s current law firm.

“They do an outstanding job,” he said.

The board approved the legal counsel appointment.

The board then moved on to a resolution approving bank depositories.

Webner said the recommended caps on the amount of money to be held at each of the five banks in Le Mars remains unchanged.

The bank, the 2021-22 cap, the June 30, 2022 balance and 2022-23 cap are:

Primebank - $12,000,000; $11,309.384.24; $12,000,000

Northwest Bank - $5,200,000; $3,103,857.16; $5,200,000

American Bank - $5,200,000; $2,391,389.02; $5,200,000

Iowa State Bank - $5,200,000; $1,550,666.38; $5,200,000

Midstates Bank - $1,000,000; $515,592.95; $1,000,000

“Primebank has the largest amount because that is where our property tax dollars are deposited. They also receive funds for the building projects, and accounts payable,” Webner told the board. “Northwest Bank, at $5.2 million, is where the payroll comes out of, and that is where our state aid checks go as well. The other three are money market or savings accounts at this time. My recommendation is that you approve depositories as presented.”

The board approved the bank depositories as presented.

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