A tribute to veterans

Friday, November 11, 2022
(Photo contributed) Rose Heeren shared this picture of the more than 167,000 crosses in the cemetery at Normandy, for the soldiers the United States and Canada and Great Britain who died in the D Day invasion June 6, 1944.

LE MARS At the Quilts of Valor open house at the Plymouth County Historical Museum in September, Rose Heeren of Le Mars shared her thoughts with veterans and their families in attendance, on the trip she had taken just the week before to France

She said, I had the privilege this last week to visit the Normandy beaches. It was a moving experience.

I walked for over an hour among the white crosses. Over 167,000 young men from the United States and Canada and Great Britain died on D Day, June 6, 1944.

On the beach, I looked up and saw the German bunkers where the Germans aimed their artillery on those men. It nearly broke my heart to see that.

Now some of you here today have said that you dont think you deserve the honor that is being bestowed on you today. Believe me, you do deserve all honor we give. Because of your service and those young men who gave their lives in 1944 we are free today. I am grateful to you. I thank you, Heeren concluded.

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