Trimble named new director at Le Mars Arts Center

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
(Sentinel Photo by Beverly Van Buskirk) The Le Mars Arts Center welcomes Don Trimble as its new art director. Trimble began at the center in August and is excited about the arts in the community.

LE MARS After three years teaching art at a college prep school in California, Don Trimble returned to his roots in Sioux City and has found a place to spend part of his days as the new art director for the Le Mars Arts Center.

Born and raised on the north side of Sioux City, Trimble holds a BFA degree in painting from the University of South Dakota, and a masters degree in art history from the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

His father, a ceramicist, taught at West High School in Sioux City, and Trimble learned about art at an early age.

I started teaching high school art and art history at South Sioux City High School, he said. I was there for five years and loved every minute of it.

He then got connected with a college prep school called Oaks Christian School north of Los Angeles, and taught art and art history there for three years.

His time there allowed him to work alongside the founder of the school, Dallas Price-Van Breda, who is a notable art collector. He served as a sort of art liaison for the school collaborating with other private collectors, local artists, the Getty curatorial staff, the LACMA, the Broad, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles.

The lure of returning his roots, and his wife Katie taking a position with Siouxland Christian School to launch a new pre-school brought the family back to Sioux City. He and Katie have two children, Tucker, 7 and Elsie, 5.

As I was helping out, teaching one class for Siouxland Christian, we had Miss Annie (Laursen), the former Le Mars Arts Center director, come and judge an art show for my students, Trimble explained.

I knew her, and a bunch of the artists who have collaborated here, he said. This art center does not just stay locally in Le Mars, it reaches out into the tri-state area. Everybody says, Wow, that Le Mars Arts Center has a lot going for it.

Trimble continues to teach a college level art history class, now virtually.

I an still teaching for that school in the mornings because this post-Covid world has made us innovative and creative, and in education I hope its made us realize that we can teach from anywhere, he said.

So I still teach them an APR college level art history class. I really teach kids from all over the world. I have kids logging in from Paris, Kazakhstan, everywhere. Its cool bringing that art perspective here. For me, I love being able to connect to the world, but it is so important for me to get back to local art people, Trimble said.

As for the Le Mars Arts Center, he has found it to be a very healthy space with a lot of growth happening in many ways.

This building, the upgrades that have happened here and what were able to offer in classes, bringing in artists and shows, and partnering with local events, its a cool place to be, he continued.

Already, just the people the staff here, the board, we have really strong board involvement of local art-minded people, to know that there are opportunities here, has been very fulfilling for me, he said.

Trimble himself is a two-dimensional artist who paints and shows at art festivals.

Making connections at many levels is important to Trimble.

For me, Im just really looking forward to connecting not only with the local artists, but also with the students. Its not just the artists, its the community people who are seeking out culture, he said. All of those who come in here, Im looking forward to sharing stories. Its not all about the painting or sculpture, its about the people who created it. Im looking forward to talking to those people.

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