Fair auction sets new record with total topping $58,000

Friday, September 9, 2022
(Sentinel Photos by Beverly Van Buskirk) The king size quilt made and donated by Geri Dreckman sold for $13,000 on the Plymouth County Fair’s annual auction in Pioneer Village. The pattern “Coral Reef” featured ombre colors. Dreckman put 275 hours of work in this year’s quilt.

PLYMOUTH CO. — As Plymouth County Fair Board President Loren Schnepf looks back at the 2022 Plymouth County Fair, said “We must be doing something right, because the people are coming.”

He reported the 2022 fair saw an estimated 118,000 people come through the gates during the five-day event July 27-31. “I think we were at about 112,000 last year,” he said.

Scotty Toben’s chainsaw woodcarving of a backpack bear out of walnut grabbed the top bid for the woodcarvings at $7,000. Blair Smith and Toben teamed up to provide 17 woodcarvings for the 2022 fair auction.

The fair auction on Sunday afternoon, July 31, set a new record with a total of $58,175 raised from the sale of collectibles, quilts, and chainsaw woodcarvings.

“We had some new items, a couple of rifles, and the Toy Club went with collectible toy tractors rather the belt buckle,” Schnepf said. “The quilts by Geri and Ginny were outstanding, how do you beat that.”

Geri Dreckman’s king size quilt, measuring 112x112-inches, was “Coral Reef” and featured ombre colors. The quilt took 275 hours to make and was quilted by Janette Woodall of Maple Street Studio in Marcus.

Bidding was brisk on the quilt, which brought a top bid of $13,000.

The quilt by Ginny Freyermuth, “Carpenter Square,” was a 102x102 inch quilt done in red, white and blue with dream poly batting. The quilt grabbed a $2,100 final bid.

Two collectible John Deere 9R 640 four-wheel drive with duals, on a 1/64 scale were offered by the Town and Country Toy Club this year. On the auction, the No. 1 tractor with the box sporting a purple ribbon, brought $2,000. The No. 2 tractor, with a lavender ribbon, brought $900.

New to the auction this year were two Henry rifles.

The Henry Golden Boy 22 rifle with the engraving on the stock of the Round Barn on one side and Plymouth County Fair 2022 on the other brought a top bid of $1,000.

The Henry Big Boy .44 mg rifle, also engraved on the stock with the Round Barn and Plymouth County Fair 2022, brought a bid of $2,300.

The Le Mars Toy Store’s 2022 edition of a 1/64 scale Volvo tractor and trailer featured American Bank employees on one side and a picture of the Town and Country Toy Club in the other. The No. 1 truck sold for $2,000 while the No. 2 truck sold for $1,600. This is the 23rd year for the semi truck project.

The Plymouth County Pork Producers stepped up again this year to offer a grilling event. That package brought a top bid of $1,750.

Chainsaw wood carvers Blair Smith and Scotty Toben returned to the Plymouth County Fair and provided 17 pieces of art to the auction. Carver Lynn Anderson of Fort Dodge, also had a piece on the auction.

This year the woodcarving pieces brought a total of $31,525 to the fair board coffers.

Taking the highest bid of the auction was the backpack bear out of walnut carved by Toben, which went for $7,000.

Carvings by Smith, and the sale price were:

Small Welcome Bear out of walnut, $1,475

Plymouth County Fair #1 Pig out of cedar, $900

John Deere out of walnut, $2,600

Choice of Le Mars Bulldogs and Gehlen Jays out of pine - Bulldogs, $1,100; Jays, $1,200.

Wall Hanging Hope Cross out of walnut, $1,200

Iowa Beef Steer out of walnut, $2,500

Little Howdy Bear out of pine, $800.

Tribute to AJ Lutter, Trees & Log Cabin Wall Hanging Welcome out of walnut, $1,500

Big Flying Eagle with American Flag, 7 1/2 feet, out of pine, $4,250.

Carvings by Toben and the sale price were:

Choice of Seed Corn Signs out of pine: DeKalb, $1,700; Pioneer, $700; and Channel, $1,000

Turkey out of pine, $400

Bear in Pumpkin out of pine, $900.

Golf ball out of pine, $1,400

Anderson carved Bass Gone Fishin’ out of pine and airbrushed, which brought $900.

Schnepf said, “The community support is outstanding, it’s just wonderful. It tells me that everyone is enjoying the fair and supporting it and are willing to help out.”

The fair board has made a commitment to have quality facilities on the fairgrounds.

“That is one priority we have, trying to keep everything looking well, improving it and expanding it. It amazes me the money we’ve spent out there the last 15 years, and we have no debt,” he said.

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