Results from the 45th Annual Demolition Derby

Thursday, September 1, 2022
Kids give a “thumps up” to show they are ready to start the Power Wheels portion at the Demolition Derby.
(Photo by Megan Sabin)

The 45th annual Remsen Demolition Derby took place on Saturday night, August 20. The event, sponsored by the Remsen Community Action Club (RCAC), was held at the Remsen Derby Arena.

RCAC welcomed six different classes to this year’s derby: Bolt & Chain Compact Team Feature, 80's/Old Iron Stock Mix Feature, Bolt & Chain Compact Singles 2 Features, Modified Weld Feature, and Free For All Compact Feature. This year, there were just over 50 cars participating. Children ages four to nine also got a chance to participate in the Power Wheels Derby.

The following are the results from the Demolition Derby:

Firemen put out a fire during a big hit in the 80’s/Old Iron Stock Mix round of the Demolition Derby. No one was hurt during the incident.
(Photo by Megan Sabin)

Two-Man Bolt & Chain Compact Teams Class:

1st – Kyle Pudiwitr and Benjamin J. Lehner, both of Le Mars

2nd – Corey Arens and Justin Lehner, both of Le Mars

A close up of some of the drivers during the Bolts & Chains Compact Singles Feature 1.
(Photo by Megan Sabin)

3rd – Cody Koenck and Michael Koenck, both of Remsen

Maddog/Hardest Hitter Award: Cody Koenck

80's/Old Iron Stock Mix Class:

1st Tie – Dustin Domsch of Cherokee

1st Tie – Dan Wells of Fonda

3rd – Evan Kunkel of Marcus

Maddog/Hardest Hitter Award: Jeremy Ryherd

Bolt & Chain Compact Feature #1:

1st – Joe Herrig of Wall Lake

2nd – Aidan McClure of Lawton

3rd – Greg Weiler of Remsen

Maddog/Hardest Hitter Award: Calvin Deeds

Bolt & Chain Compact Feature #2:

1st – Jared Wurth of Remsen

2nd – Tim Wurth of Le Mars

3rd – Colbey Penning of Remsen

Maddog/Hardest Hitter Award: Tim Wurth

Modified Weld Class:

1st – Tyler Fiedler of Remsen

2nd – Dillon Kunkel of Hinton

3rd – Cory Lynn Niehus of Le Mars

Maddog/Hardest Hitter Award: Dillon Kunkel

Free For All Compact Class:

1st – Cody Kellen

2nd – Cody Colling

3rd – Dawson Pick

Jacob Pruismann of 448 Promotions stated, “I'd like to start out by thanking every driver and fan for attending! We ended up with just over 50 entries. To the mod drivers, I apologize for the track conditions. We tried by pulling you guys off the track and attempting to run you later in the night, but the moisture was just too much! I'd also like to thank my crew and the RCAC for having us!”

The derby is RCAC’s biggest fundraiser of the year, as proceeds from the event go towards many local clubs and organizations, community projects, scholarships, etc.