Cans for Computers - Remsen St. Mary's

Thursday, July 7, 2022

St. Mary’s is thankful for the continuous support from the Knights of Columbus!

“Although this program began many years ago, the Knights of Columbus has donated over $2,000 since January of 2021 to Remsen St. Mary’s Schools through their “Cans for Computers” program”, said Sarah Garvin, Director of School Advancement.

“The St. Mary’s Technology Department is so appreciative of the support they have received from the Knights of Columbus and the community. This is a classic example of the Knights of Columbus and the Remsen community coming together to solve a problem and pay it forward,” added Garvin.

“We have done this for many years and really enjoy making a difference for Remsen St. Mary’s Schools,” said Dewey Majeres. This project remains successful and ongoing because of volunteers like Denny and Linda Slota, and Todd and Laurie Gerrietts. Both are generous supporters of RSM! Laurie and Todd have graciously opened up their garage as the drop-off location, and Denny and Linda pick up the cans and deliver them to the redemption center in Cherokee.

“We all can help grow this project by making the simple choice to recycle,” added Garvin. “Why throw cans and bottles in the garbage when you can support Cans for Computers and at the same time, help keep our planet clean? It’s an effortless choice to toss them in a separate bag from your everyday garbage. When your recycle bag is full, you can drop it off at First and Jackson St., in Remsen, by the garage. If you need bags, please contact Denny at 712-540-1334.”

Remsen St. Mary’s Schools greatly appreciates the work so many have put into this ongoing fundraiser. Please remember that there are ways to help lighten the load: make sure to separate the cans from the plastic bottles, rinse them before putting them in the bag, and if they are plastic coke products, remove the lids and put them in a small Ziplock bag. If the coke product is a can, remove the Coke Rewards code from the inside of the box and place it in a small Ziplock bag. Both the bottle tops and reward codes can be dropped off along with your bag(s). It is important to note that the Coke Rewards also benefit Remsen St. Mary’s Schools. Bottle caps bring in five cents per cap, 12-pack codes bring in 15 cents each, and 30 cents per 24-pack.

With just a little effort, we all can help not only support Remsen St. Mary’s Technology Department but to help keep our home clean and safe for years to come.