Fair officials announce Antiques and Collectibles categories

Friday, June 24, 2022

PLYMOUTH CO. — Superintendents for the 2022 Antiques and Collectibles open class at the Plymouth County Fair have announced the classes for this year.

Each year, the classes change to allow for different types of articles to be highlighted, according to superintendents Karen and Vern Harrington.

This year’s categories are:

• Class A - Merrill (150 years old in 2022)

1. Historical; 2. Advertising; 3. Religious; 4. Service Clubs; 5. Miscellaneous

• Class B - Toy

1. Sewing Machine; 2. Typewriter; 3. Doll Buggy; 4. Kaleidoscope

• Class C - National Parks (Yellowstone National Park will use 150th anniversary to improve tribal partnerships)

1. Postcard; 2. Map; 3. Plate/Plaque; 4. Miscellaneous

• Class D - Airplane (Southwest Airline and Walt Disney World Team up to celebrate 50th anniversary plane)

1. Airline Wing/Pin; 2. Luggage Tag; 3. Ticket; 4. Miscellaneous

• Class E - Car, Truck, Boat, Plane or Tractor

1. Emblem; 2. Steering Wheel; 3. Mirror; 4. Miscellaneous

• Class F - Seed (corn, soybeans, etc.)

1. Metal Sign; 2. Planter; 3. Planter Plate; 4. Miscellaneous

Exhibitors may enter only one item per number. All items must be 40 years old or older to qualify for the class.

The judge will consider authenticity, historical value, presentation and display, and the exhibit’s condition. In a class with limited entries, awards will be made according to the entries’ quality.

Entries that have been entered in the past cannot be re-entered.

Exhibitors are encouraged to include any information about the items, such as its original ownership, dates, origin, on a 3x5-inch index card. The card cannot, however, include information that would identify the exhibitor.

Karen explained that each year they ask fairgoers to write down suggestions for categories for the next fair.

“We look back at our records and try not to repeat categories,” she said.

While the entries do not need to be related to Plymouth County, exhibitors must be a Plymouth County resident.

Ribbons will be awarded as follows: Grand Champion - Purple, $5; Reserve Champion - Lavender, $3; 1st - Blue, $2; 2nd - Red, $1.50; 3rd - White, $1.

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