Lamb retires after 34 years

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Mrs. Laurie Lamb

Laurie Lamb, third grade teacher at the MMCRU – Remsen Elementary School, will retire at the end of the 2021-2022 school year after 34 years of teaching.

When asked why the decision to retire, Laurie stated, “I decided to retire because I'm eligible and because I can.”

She has no definite plans for retirement but hopes to travel and possibly write a book or two. What she is most looking forward to about retirement is spending time with friends and family.

Alicia Hoffman is the new Deputy Clerk for the City of Remsen. Pictured above, Alicia at her desk at City Hall.
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Her teaching career has seen her serve in various teaching positions over the years. She explained, “After graduating from Westmar College, I began my teaching career at Remsen-Union Elementary in the fall of 1988. I have held various teaching positions and roles throughout my 34 years in the district. I have taught first, third, fifth and sixth grades. I have also taught Talented and Gifted students, At-Risk students, Character Counts, directed high school plays and musicals, coached sixth and seventh grade Math Bee students. I have enjoyed each teaching position and working with students.”

Her family includes her husband, David Lamb, to whom she has been married for 33 years. He works at Sioux Automation Service Trucks and Tiger Cranes in Sioux Center. They have three daughters. Their oldest daughter, Daisy Lamb, has three children: Laila (7), Lenna (4), and Siah (1). Their middle daughter, Marcy Lamb, has three children: Sophia (8), Vanity (6), and Samara (3). Their youngest daughter, Janet, is married to Levi Price, and they have two children: Arizona (2), and Royce (2 months).

To the many teachers, students, and role models over the years, Laurie has some special thank yous to extend, “I wish to thank my numerous teachers through the years that inspired me to become a teacher. I have very fond memories of my teachers. I have vivid memories from my early learning experiences at Hinton Community Schools. I remember the following role models: Mrs. Idaker, Mrs. Lang, Mrs. Pilgrim, Miss Moffatt, and Mrs. Law. Next my inspirations were special teachers from Gehlen. I developed my love of learning from teachers: Mrs. Moir, Mrs. O'Kane, Miss Vondrak (Mrs. Gobel), Mrs. Mura, Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Bickford, Mr. Stowe, Sister Jean, Sister Elizabeth, Mr. Fox, Mrs. Lorrie Nussbaum, Mrs. MaryJane Tapper, Mrs. Jane Lenz, Mr. Mueller, Mr. Sievert, Mr. Simon, Miss Carla Wilde, Sister Beatrice, Father McGuirk, Father Slaven, and Father Fairfield. My college professors were great influencers too. Some of those included Carol Lange, Frank Summerside, and Dr. LaPlante. I have had great teacher role models and worked with remarkable administrators, colleagues and coworkers. I hope that the students that I have taught remember me fondly.”

Pictured above, Alicia with her family.
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“I am going to miss teaching; especially students and the many meaningful relationships and memories of Remsen-Union/MMCRU Royals.” expressed Laurie.