Remsen Recycling Group continues to support Remsen St. Mary’s Schools

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Volunteers of the Remsen Recycling Group work on various tasks at the Paper Shed.
(Photos contributed)

The paper recycling program in Remsen has delivered and sold over 700 tons of recyclable paper and cardboard since June of 2016, which has generated over $50,000 of sellable products. The proceeds are directed to benefit Remsen St. Mary’s Schools.

“I really believe in recycling and we are so happy to donate to St. Mary's Schools,” said Mary Riedemann.

At a recent worker appreciation gathering and status of the program discussion, the volunteers decided on where to spend some of their earnings through the paper recycling program. These funds will pay for the installation of a new fire alarm system and a new hot water heater at St. Mary’s High School, atotal of about $20,000! The program had previously donated over $23,000 to various needs of the school.

“I cannot tell you how appreciative we are for the men and women who volunteer their time to keep the Recycling Shed up and running! The donuts I bring to them every once in a while, are nothing compared to what they have done to help Remsen St. Mary’s Schools,” said Sarah Garvin, Director of School Advancement. “The installation of a new fire alarm is life-saving and the water heater is essential. The Recycling Group stepped up and took care of two of our greatest needs,” added Garvin. “We are humbled by their continuous support and generosity!”

Those that keep the Paper Shed running deserve the utmost appreciation! What they do is no small task. This includes various groups of people; those who volunteer their labor and time to sort and bale at the recycle shed; the citizens of Remsen (as well as many from out of town) who take the time to get their recyclables to the shed; the volunteers who pick up recycling from Remsen as well as out of town businesses; the truckers who pull the loads to Van’s Sanitation in Le Mars, and last, but not least, the City of Remsen for their vision of keeping paper recycling locally in Remsen.

“Reasons to recycle are many, but first and foremost is everyone’s responsibility to keep our God-given, beautiful land sustained. Recycling saves landfill space, saves our trees by repurposing, and promotes a cleaner environment, just to name a few,” said Norine Harvey.

It isn’t very often that you find the Paper Shed sitting quietly. It is astounding how many hours are put into sorting and baling to turn the recyclables into semi-loads of sellable products. The men and women that have been working year after year are deserving of a break. The program needs some new volunteers. John Haywood once said, ‘Many hands make light work.’ “It’s a great opportunity to show your support for the school and the community,” said Garvin.

“There is no amount too small for recycling. Everyone’s paper and cardboard in combination with their neighbors’, as well as businesses and contractors, has allowed the program to deliver 44 semi loads of packaged recyclables since June 2016. The recyclables are sorted into three sellable categories of product: cardboard, newspapers and magazines, and white and shredded paper. To date, the program has delivered 473 tons of cardboard, 176 tons of newspaper and magazines, and 56 tons of white and shredded paper. The workers love it when people sort before bringing!

“The shed is open for dropping off recycling every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m., and from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of the month,” added Harvey.

Again, from the people who pick up from businesses, those who sort and bale, and the truckers who deliver the goods, the volunteers are many - you know who you are! Some hardly ever miss a day, others come occasionally. Everyone has their reasons for volunteering, be it because the recycling is for the benefit of RSM School; because they like the idea of their "throwaways" being repurposed; or the camaraderie at the shed, volunteers have come and gone and they all are appreciated, as are those who support recycling in Remsen.

“Thank you, a million times over to all of the volunteers who have and continue to share their time and talents in an effort to support Remsen St. Mary’s Schools,” said Garvin.

If you are interested in volunteering some time, please contact Mary and Rich Riedemann at 712-786-1519.