New sign at St. Mary’s Cemetery

Thursday, May 26, 2022
The front of the new sign at the Remsen St. Mary’s Cemetery that was gifted from the Catholic Order of Foresters.
(Photo contributed)

Remsen St. Mary’s Cemetery was gifted a new sign from the Catholic Order of Foresters.

“Many thanks to the Catholic Order of Foresters for the recent addition of a St. Mary's Cemetery sign at the northeast corner of the cemetery. This local group with the help of the COF home office has spent much of its time, talent, and treasure to get the support of the parish in recent years to complete a cemetery street project and to ensure the maintenance of the resting place of our loved ones for years to come. May God reward them for their generosity,” said Fr. Tim Pick.

"The Catholic Order of Foresters is just pleased to help when and where we can for the good of the church, the parish, and the community,” said Larry Galles.

The back of the new sign.
(Photo contributed)

The Catholic Order of Foresters has been a blessing to the St. Mary’s Parish through donations and many acts of service by helping keep the cemetery clean and also by filling in the graves.

“Thank you to all that have contributed your time and your talents,” said Sarah Garvin.