New LCS board seated

Monday, November 15, 2021

LE MARS — It was a changing of board members at the Nov. 11 Le Mars Community School District’s Board of Education meeting.

Casting their last votes on approving the last meeting minutes and unfinished financial business for the district were Scott Kommes, Dave Miller and Todd Lancaster.

The canvassed election results from Nov. 2, as presented by Board Secretary Lisa Boehm, showed Lorraine DeJong was elected District 1 Director with 552 votes. Aaron Tolzin was elected to the District Director 2 seat with 1,082 votes. Makenzie Lang was elected to the District Director 4 seat with 712 votes. Jill Feuerhelm was elected to the District Director 5 seat with 1,147 votes.

Superintendent Dr. Steve Webner then moved on to the departing board members.

“Finally, we have Mr. Miller, Mr. Kommes and Mr. Lancaster who will be exiting. I would personally like to thank the three of you. You have been excellent, excellent school board members, you are definitely leaving the district in very good shape educationally, facilities-wise and financially. You guys have worked extremely professionally with everybody, always with cool heads and good foresight, and always doing what’s best for the students. And you have run across some very difficult times, some more than others,” Webner said.

“This last year was unprecedented and I know this board took a lot of heat and you guys handled that with class and did what’s best for students. You can walk out of here with your heads held high because you’ve done outstanding,” he said.

Webner then presented each of them a plaque for their years of service and a lifetime pass to all school activities.

Kommes has served on the board for 14 years, Lancaster, eight years, and Miller four years.

Kommes then dropped the gavel, adjourning his last board meeting.

As board secretary, Boehm then called the meeting to order and administered the oath of office to the newly elected members.

She followed that with a call for nominations for the office of president of the board.

Angela Catton was nominated for the position. The motion was made and approved to elect Catton to the office of president.

Boehm then asked for nominations for vice president. Jane Arnold was nominated and a motion was approved for the office of vice president.

Boehm then swore in Catton and Arnold to their new positions on the board.

With that portion of the meeting concluded, Boehm turned the meeting over to Catton.

Catton welcomed the new board members and returning members, and said she looks forward to working with all of them.

“We hope to keep a good open communication at the board table and look forward to continue learning with all of you,” she said.

“We (the board) are about to receive our 21st Better Boardsmanship acknowledgment by the state which means we have dedicated ourselves to continued learning for 21 years as a board.

Every president sitting in this chair before me for the last 21 years has been successful in making sure the board has committed to ongoing learning, and I’m going to be no different. I’m going to push you guys to continue your trainings, we can only be a better board by being a better board member,” Catton said.

The board then conducted the annual meeting, which is required to officially conduct business.

The first item was to appoint board secretary for 2021-22. Lisa Boehm has agreed to serve in that capacity again. A motion was made and approved to appoint Boehm.

The board next approved Kim Clarey as treasurer for the board of education. She has served in that capacity for several years.

The board then needed to appoint an attorney to represent and advise the board. The firm of Ahlers & Cooney P.C., which had expressed a willingness to serve in the capacity for the 2021-22 school year, was approved.

The board then approved a resolution to approve bank depositories.

Webner noted that the dollar amounts proposed for 2021-22 are maximum figures of money to potentially be kept in each bank.

He explained the auditors for the district recommended an increase at the upper limit at Primebank be raised to $12 million from $8.2 million as it had previously been.

He said Primebank is the depository where the property tax money is deposited, as well as money for building projects and the accounts payable.

It is proposed that Northwest Bank, American Bank, Iowa State Bank, be approved each at $5.2 million, with Midstates Bank at $1 million.

“Payroll comes out of Northwest Bank as well as state aid and state funds,” Webner said. “The remaining three banks are all money markets.”

The board approved the resolution on bank depositories as presented.

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