Remsen St. Mary’s “Biking for Babies” Fundraiser

Thursday, November 4, 2021
Mike and Angie Fisch kicked off Remsen St. Mary’s School’s (RSM) first “Biking For Babies” event on their motorcycle.
(Photo contributed)

With the loud revving of their motorcycle, Mike and Angie Fisch kicked off Remsen St. Mary’s School’s (RSM) first “Biking For Babies” event. Graced with a beautiful afternoon of sunshine, warm temperatures, and a gentle breeze, cyclists put their school backpacks in their lockers for the day and pedaled from their classrooms to the scrumptious scent of grilled hamburgers at the football field.

Upon ordering and receiving the new Pro-Life flag that has been selected as the international symbol of the Pro-Life movement, Mrs. Mary Arens, RSM’s theology teacher, googled information as to the symbolism of the flag to share with her students. While reading, she noticed a picture titled “Biking for Babies” and thought it would be a fun idea and activity to implement at RSM during the Pro-Life month of October. After sharing the idea with her fifth grade and senior theology students, they diligently organized a full afternoon of events for Monday, October 11, 2021.

Parents started delivering bikes for their children on Sunday afternoon with older students hauling bikes in their trucks and cars the morning of the ride. A BBQ sponsored by both Remsen banks was served at noon with a Pro-Life prayer service that followed at 1:00 p.m.

The Pro-Life flag. More pictures on page 2 of the November 4, 2021 edition of the Remsen Bell.
(Photo contributed)

The student-led service consisted of respect life prayers, scripture, student reflections, intentions, presentation of the Pro-Life flags which will fly over both schools, information regarding the National “Biking for Babies” Organization and welcoming Mary’s Choice Director - Dawn Grimes. A highlight of the service included the welcoming of three RSM teachers - Justin Ruden, Janell Wimmer, and Michon Wurth, and their beautiful new babies.

While the three-year-old preschoolers through fourth graders walked a route especially designed for them with a stop at the park to play, the fifth through twelfth graders biked through the streets of the Remsen community from 1:45 - 2:45 p.m. The small children all brought a buddy/doll to accompany them on their walk.

The day concluded with the young children receiving small stuffed bears from Mary’s Choice, the high school students receiving this year’s Pro-Life t-shirt designed by the Christian Leadership Team, and everyone receiving a wonderful assortment of sweet and delicious ice cream treats donated by Mike and Cheryl Wells from Le Mars.

Not only to create awareness, but also to raise funds for Mary's Choice was the objective of the day. The mission of Mary’s Choice is to give men and women the knowledge, support, and resources to choose life for their unborn child with compassion, support, and accurate information. The St. Mary’s students raised $1,300.00, which will be used to purchase diapers, baby formula, undergarments, bathing supplies, and much more to help unborn children and their mothers.

Plans are already underway for next year’s “Biking for Babies” event as everyone involved had a great time while transforming the culture of LIFE one pedal stroke at a time.