Candidates vie for three city seats

Thursday, October 21, 2021

A race for three Remsen City Council seats will be on the Nov. 2 general election ballot.

A total of three seats are up for election. The candidates are: Jeff Cluck, Ann Cole-Nelson, Josh Hill, and Michael Slota.

To inform the public on the candidates, the Remsen Bell-Enterprise reached out and asked each candidate to provide the following information and answers.

1. Name, family, education, and professional background.

2. Why are you seeking election/re-election?

3. What contributions have you made to city government or the community that you value the most?

4. What is the most important issue you want to see addressed and why?

5. What are your goals for the City of Remsen in the next five years and why?

6. Anything else you would like to add?

Following are their responses:

Jeff Cluck

Jeff Cluck

1. Wife - Kim Cluck, Daughter - Lauren Frederick (Remsen, IA), Daughter - Alyssa Costello (Ankeny, IA), Son - Evan Cluck (Remsen, IA), Grandkids - Ava, Alivia and Everly. Utah State University (Business Degree). Cluck Air Cond \ Sheet Metal, (California). BLT INC. Dispatcher (Le Mars, IA).

2. I served in the past and enjoyed everything we accomplished and want to continue serving our town again.

3. I served two years on the Remsen City Council and served one term as the Mayor of Remsen.

4. I don't really have any issues I want addressed I just want to serve our town in a forward motion, make improvements that need addressed (streets, curbs, sidewalks, lighting, beautification programs, parks, trails, signage, business development, etc...) and decisions in ways to better everyone here in town.

5. To continue leading our town in a forward momentum and improving life in Remsen with future projects for growth.

6. I would greatly appreciate a vote from each and everyone.

Ann Cole-Nelson

Ann Cole-Nelson

1. Married to Mike Nelson, twins Seth (sophomore accounting major at Morningside) and Michaela (WITCC Vet Asst grad) and step kids Kristine (Joe Mohning) and 4 grands (Kinnick, Juliann, Quinnten and Kennyon) of rural Remsen and Keith (Becky) and 2 grands (Philip and Cecilia) from Litchfield, MN. I hold a BA Degree in Mass Communications from Morningside University (minors in Psychology and Political Science) graduating with honors and have been at Floyd Valley Healthcare for 23 years serving as the Marketing and Communications Manager. I also work part time at the Golden Pheasant. I am the current Iowa Society of Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations President and have served one term on the Remsen City Council. I also serve as a board member of Mid-Sioux Opportunity.

2. I think it takes time to learn the many facets of the local government so you are really just starting to hit your stride at 4 years with the knowledge base. We have made a lot of progress in my first term addressing housing needs, moving forward with the grocery store and reviewing the aging infrastructure, but there is certainly some additional goals we would like to accomplish. Knowing where you have come from certainly makes navigating the future a little easier, so serving a second term would help keep the positive progression moving.

3. We are all busy, making the commitment to attend the meetings, special meetings and other commitments such as interviews is key to being a successful member of the council. Making yourself available to residents for concerns and working with the employees to see if there is a resolution for these concerns is vital to keeping the lines of communication open. I have volunteered in Remsen in a number of capacities such as Girl Scout leader, Chamber of Commerce President, Remsen St. Maryís coach and marketing committee, the Remsen representative for the Community Foundation for Greater Plymouth County and Oktoberfest Committee. It takes all of us in a small town to work together for the greater good of a community, which means we all need to step up and serve.

4. As a mom and grandmother, I want to see Remsen grow in opportunities for families, including supporting local business, attracting new businesses and offering opportunities for entertainment for our youth. Many of us remember the friendships made while playing youth sports, swimming at the pool or meeting friends at a local eatery, so I think it is important that the future generations have those same chances in their hometown. Growth in Remsen is vital for not only the local economy, but attracting new opportunities and making Remsen a destination for local travel. Some of our current businesses are doing a great job attracting business from within and outside of Remsen and I would like to see that trend continue. With continued economic growth, new residents will begin looking at Remsen as a nice community to live in and will help our local schools grow as well. We all need to support local and continue the forward momentum in Remsen.

5. I would like to continue working with businesses and residents to build back a stronger downtown and make Remsen a destination for local travelers for shopping and eating. I think we have businesses, both new and established, that are working hard to make this goal a reality and I would like to do what we can to support them. I would like to maintain a strong local presence for the youth in our community instilling the pride and privilege associated with living in a small, supportive town. While many do not think about it until it is not working, we will continue to monitor infrastructure and assess the needs as it ages or larger demands are placed on it. We will continue to move forward making the best choices we can for Remsen.

6. N/A

Josh Hill

Josh Hill

1. Courtney is my wife of 15 years we have 2 sons Mason is in 8th grade and Lincoln is in 2nd grade. I graduated from Remsen Union High School in 1999. I currently work at Marcus Lumber in sales and estimating.

2. I have enjoyed being on council and would like to continue to serve the community. I feel like 4 years has flown by.

3. During my first term we started developing the west lots, getting a few of those sold. Helping navigate through all the covid issues. Hiring employees to try and make the City run smoother.

4. I would really like to do what we can to get more business into town to keep the town growing. I think the more we have to offer we become more attractive to families wanting to move to Remsen.

5. I would like to see more progress on repairing roads. Would like to help facilitate the changes necessary to make improvements needed to the infastructure.

6. My wife and I are both from Remsen and we moved back to raise our family because we wanted our boys to grow up with the same values we did. I just want to keep helping to make Remsen the town it is.

Michael Slota

Michael Slota

1. Married to Terri Slota. Graduated from Remsen Union High School. Retired from Wells Dairy on February 4, 2019, after 41 years of working for them. I also volunteer my time to help establish the native grasses on the well fields in 2009. Working with the city, Pheasants Forever, and the DNR.

2. Give back to the community

3. Volunteering to help work on the grocery store in town.

4. Working on improving the city infrastructure.

5. Bring in new business, especially on main street.

6. N/A

Election Details

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 2. Sample ballots and precinct information were published in the October 14 issue of the Remsen Bell-Enterprise.

Voters must vote in their precinct of residence. All voters must show their ID.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Absentee ballots for the Nov. 2, combined city/school election became available on Oct. 13 in the auditorís office at the Plymouth County Courthouse.

Absentee ballots may be cast in person at the auditorís office until 5 p.m., Monday, Nov. 1.