LCS board holds public hearing on HVAC system

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

LE MARS — The Le Mars Community School District Board of Education began its Monday meeting with a public hearing on a High School Ventilation Retrofit Project, and to consider approval of bidding procedures, specifications, and a special meeting date.

There was no one present to offer public comment.

Dale Woudstra of EDA Engineering Design Associates, Inc., of Sioux Center, was present to explain the project.

Woudstra said plans and specifications for the project have been put together and sent out to contractors.

There will be a pre-bid meeting at 4 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 21, in the high school.

Bid opening is set for 10 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 28, at the Education Services Center.

“We will be replacing a lot of the controls that are left that are on the old pneumatic control system to a digital control system. That is the bulk of the project,” Woudstra said.

Also included are seven classrooms on the east side of the high school which have old units that are not being controlled, but rather a fan is turned on and off to control the temperature in those spaces.

“We will replace those with new controls,” he said.

A new rooftop unit will also be installed for the administration area for cooling.

“We’re also adding a heating coil to that so you will have ventilation in the winter as well. Right now that unit gets shut off during the winter so you don’t have any ventilation,” he explained.

“There is also a unit that takes care of the small theatre that is original the way it looks, so we will replace that one also,” he continued. “The bulk of the project is the temperature control replacement for your heating and cooling.”

With the new controls, the system will have web access, allowing maintenance staff to access the system on the school’s network.

“The system could also be accessed from off-site as well for maintenance,” he said.

Board President Scott Kommes asked, “So does this clean it up? I know we have a mess up there.”

Woudstra replied, “Yes, this cleans it up and will take care of the rest of the high school.”

He also explained a timeline of the work to be done.

“We will discuss that, but we will give access to the control portion as soon as the contracts get written, but it will be worked on weekends and nights so it won’t disrupt classes,” he said. “The replacement will take place this summer.”

According to the bid documents, June 1, 2022, is the start date for equipment replacement with a substantial completion date of Friday, Aug. 5, 2022.

The board approved a special meeting date at noon, Oct. 28, to review bids for the renovation of the HS ventilation retrofit and take appropriate action, as well as approved the bidding procedures and specifications as presented.

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