Shooting range opens in Merrill

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

MERRILL — A new shooting range is up and running near Merrill.

The range is located on County Road C-44, just east of the Floyd River bridge, by the city’s wastewater lagoons.

Merrill Police Chief David Lynch said the idea for the range came up about a year ago.

“We started talking about it last year, and several of us in the area thought it would be a good idea for Merrill to have one,” he said.

He explained the range is set up with lanes so a person is shooting southbound into a berm.

“We also have backstops for each lane,” he said. “The longest section we have is 100 yards for shooting.”

The entire area is enclosed with fencing and the gate entrance is locked.

One must become a member, for an annual $50 fee for a single person, or $100 per family, to use the facility.

“As long as you’re not a felon, or you can’t own firearms or be around firearms, anyone can be a member. There is an age limit in the rules,” Lynch said.

A complete set of rules and a membership form are available at the Merrill City Hall.

The range is open from 10 a.m., to dusk each day.

All rules of gun safety are to be observed while at the range. Alcohol is prohibited.

Shooting is only allowed from the firing line to the designated target stands.

Ground level targets are prohibited to reduce a ricocheting bullet from escaping the property.

Only paper or card targets are allowed.

Only handheld or shoulder firearms are allowed. Automatic firearms and .50 caliber or large center fire rifles are prohibited.

Tracer rounds or exploding targets are prohibited.

All violations are to be reported to the Merrill Police Department or the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office at 546-8191.

The area is monitored daily.

“We do have several range safety officers who will be checking on the range through the day to make sure everyone is complying with all the rules,” he said.

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