Akron-Westfield 2020-21 girls basketball recap

Monday, March 15, 2021
(Photo Contributed) The Akron-Westfield girls basketball team. Members of this seasonís squad included: front row (from left), Assistant Coach Mike Baker, McKenna Henrich, Elise Knapp, Tori Nemesio, Hailey Wilken, Head Coach Kent Johnson. Second row: Chloee Colt, Nevaeh Beyer, Natalie Nielsen, Taryn Wilken, Megan Meinen. Third row: Alivia Fegley, Alyssa Nemesio, Emma Rolfes, Jenna Smith. Back row: Mandolyn Young, Julia Britton, Josie Smith.

The Akron-Westfield girls basketball team finished with a record of 15-8 on the season and finished 6-4 in War Eagle Conference games. The team will graduate seniors Tori Nemesio, Hailey Wilken, McKenna Henrich and Elise Knapp.

Team statistics

Points for per game 50.3

Points against per game 41.2

Field goal %37.4
3-point %24.7
3-pointers made 77
Free throw % 61.3

Individual statistics

Points (per game)

Natalie Nielsen380 (16.5)
Chloee Colt250 (11.4)
Elise Knapp141 (6.1)
McKenna Henrich109 (4.7)
Neveah Beyer91 (4.3)


Natalie Nielsen218
Elise Knapp134
McKenna Henrich65
Chloee Colt57
Taryn Wilken53
Chloee Colt70
McKenna Henrich69
Natalie Nielsen54
Elise Knapp38
Neveah Beyer33


Chloee Colt69
Neveah Beyer69
Natalie Nielsen49
Elise Knapp32
McKenna Henrich23


Natalie Nielsen69
Elise Knapp14

Field Goal % (Min. 100 attempts)

Natalie Nielsen58.6
Elise Knapp35.5
Chloee Colt34.4
Neveah Beyer26.3
McKenna Henrich23.8

3-Pointers made

Chloee Colt36
Neveah Beyer14
McKenna Henrich12
Alyssa Nemesio8

3-Point % (Min. 25 attempts)

Chloee Colt30.0
Alyssa Nemesio26.7
Neveah Beyer20.9
McKenna Henrich20.7

Free Throw % (Min. 25 attempts)

McKenna Henrich80.8
Elise Knapp67.2
Chloee Colt65.7
Natalie Nielsen54.9
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