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Monday, February 15, 2021
(Sentinel Photo by Beverly Van Buskirk) Dr. Kaylee Langel DC opened her chiropractic office in Le Mars in December 2020. She brings a desire to treat the whole person to her practice each and every day.

LE MARS — Home and family are important to Dr. Kaylee Langel, DC, so opening her chiropractic office, Beyond Chiropractic, in her hometown is a perfect fit for her.

Langel opened her offices at 19 Lincoln St. S.E., on Dec. 16, 2020, and is planning a ribbon cutting on Friday, Feb. 26.

Following graduation from Le Mars Community High School, Langel attended St. Luke’s College of Nursing, earning an associate of nursing degree. She then earned a bachelor of nursing degree with a minor in psychology from Briar Cliff University.

She followed that with a move to Iowa City to pursue a doctorate of nursing.

“Halfway through the program I felt I was missing something, it wasn’t clicking for me. I didn’t have that fire and passion that I thought I would have, and so I was looking elsewhere. My cousin was getting ready to leave Iowa City for Kansas City for DC (doctor of chiropractic) school, so I thought maybe this could be something I could do,” she said.

Soon she was on her way to start the doctorate program at Cleveland University, then Cleveland College of Chiropractic.

While in college in Sioux City, Langel had also worked as a paramedic with the Le Mars Ambulance service, and even helped out on visits home from Iowa City.

“I did all this as a single mom,” she said.

Halfway through her doctorate program in Kansas City, she met her husband, Derrick Kolar, through a mutual friend.

“We both wanted to settle in Le Mars. We have a son together and we wanted to be closer to family,” Langel said.

Daughter Kenna Langel is an eighth grade student at Le Mars Community Middle School and son, Daxson Kolar, is two years old.

Langel said she loved being a nurse and a paramedic.

“I loved being hands on and I really liked that aspect of things,” she said.

She also learned she wanted to treat the whole person, not just prescribe a pill.

“I’ve always been a very holistic, very natural person,” she said. “I just wanted a little different approach where I was the one treating the patients and it was my hands on them, I was the one healing them. That’s what made me look into chiropractic.”

The name of her office, Beyond Chiropractic, is filled with meaning for Langel.

“The name was very thought out. I didn’t want people coming in and thinking they’re going to get cracked and go out the door. It’s so much more than that. I want you to feel loved and cared for, and we’re just not treating your lower back pain. We’re treating you as a whole, what else can we fix. We’re going beyond that one problem, and treating the whole person.”

For the daughter of Leo and Joann Langel, the location of her office also has special meaning.

“This is my dad’s original first building, he opened his business out of here, Langel Electric,” she said. “He ran 20 plus years out of this building. I’m hoping that tradition just carries on.”

Langel practiced in Sioux Center for a year, but was tired of the drive and wanted her own place.

“It’s nice to be back home in Le Mars. It’s good to be close to family and an area you’re familiar with. And having kids, I love raising my children here and having a family here,” she said.

“I do miss the city and the convenience of it, but nothing beats the small town hospitality here. People are so nice here and you don’t get that in the big city,” she said. “You don’t see many communities that pull together like the small communities do. We’re glad to be back home.”

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