Remsen St. Mary's volleyball 2020 recap

Thursday, December 24, 2020
Members of the team include front row (from left): Megan Rolling, Olivia Pottebaum, Marina Cronin, Carmindee Ricke, Hannah Klein. Middle row: Tessa Bohnenkamp, Lexie Delperdang, Bella Arens, Jacie Homan, Alyssa Schorg, Octavia Galles, Gracyn Schroeder. Back row: Manager Kim Sauer, Ana Conover, Carly Ortmann, Brittany Johnson, Halle Galles, Whitney Jensen, Claire Schroeder, Mya Bunkers, Sydney Schroeder. The Remsen St. Mary’s volleyball team went 13-13 overall on the season and finished with a 4-5 record in War Eagle Conference play. The Hawks were coached by Janelle Schorg and Janell Wimmer. The team graduates seniors Lexie Delperdang, Brittany Johnson, Sydney Schroeder, Carly Ortmann and Ana Conover.
(Photo Courtesy of Liz Fisch)

Team statistics

Kill efficiency.055

Individual statistics


Brittany Johnson120
Lexie Delperdang86
Octavia Galles71
Ana Conover57
Carly Ortmann52

Kill Efficiency (Min. 200 attacks)

Lexie Delperdang.129
Brittany Johnson.126
Ana Conover.059
Octavia Galles.027


Sydney Schroeder41
Brittany Johnson23
Lexie Delperdang18
Carly Ortmann14
Mya Bunkers10
Halle Galles10

Serve Efficiency (Min. 100 serves)

Lexie Delperdang.892
Alyssa Schorg.836
Halle Galles.803


Sydney Schroeder410


Brittany Johnson114
Lexie Delperdang69
Halle Galles64
Mya Bunkers51

Blocks Total

Brittany Johnson52
Carly Ortmann45
Octavia Galles24
Mya Bunkers12