LCS enrollment up

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

LE MARS — Le Mars Community School District Curriculum Director Rachel Leavitt presented 2020-21 certified enrollment numbers to school board members Monday.

“Last month I gave you a rough estimate that we would probably be about even for certified enrollment. So, I am happy to report tonight that it is significantly better than that,” she said.

The certified enrollment stands at 2,232.3, up 24.22 students from the 2019-20 school year.

The certified enrollment count is taken on Oct. 1, and is then reported to the Iowa Department of Education by Oct. 15.

Leavitt explained the categories used to tabulate the certified enrollment.

They are: resident students attending; resident students open enrolled out; resident tuition out full-time; CPI Dual Enrolled students who are involved in activities, such as home-schooled students; and resident non-public shared time high high school students, such as Gehlen students taking classes at LCS.

By category, total resident public students attending increased by 14; resident open-enrolled out increased by 12; resident tuition-out full-time decreased by two; The CPI Dual Enrolled increased by .10, and the resident non-public shared increased by .12.

“The difference from last year to this year is 24.22, a nice increase for this year,” Leavitt said.

By building, there are 277 students at Clark; 266 students at Franklin; 389 students at Kluckhohn; 543 at the middle school and 597 at the high school.

Broken down by grades they are:

Sped PK - 18

Transitional Kindergarten - 17

Kindergarten - 151

First Grade - 159

Second Grade - 147

Third Grade - 166

Fourth Grade - 143

Fifth Grade - 131

Sixth Grade - 184

Seventh Grade - 175

Eighth Grade - 184

Ninth Grade - 160

10th Grade - 155

11th Grade - 137

12th Grade - 145

There are also 37 students attending the alternative high school.

In reviewing the building numbers, Leavitt noted, “This is a month later now, so these numbers aren’t even accurate anymore as we have had some students come into the district, so some of these numbers are higher.”

This year the district has 116 open-enrolled out of the district.

Leavitt said 67 students are open enrolled out to Hinton Community, with Akron-Westfield second with 13 students and MOC/Floyd Valley with 11.

Open-enrolled in students are not counted by where they attend but by the district they reside in.

Leavitt reported 40 students are open enrolled from the Remsen-Union School District, with Akron-Westfield and Hinton the next two largest ones.

“We have 30 more students leaving than coming in by open enrollment,” she reported.

This fall, 209 students are attending online, and those students are reflected in the resident numbers, she added.

Superintendent Dr. Steve Webner indicated those 209 students chose online services in grades K-12 due to COVID-19 issues.

“Each year we hope to at least maintain our enrollment from the year before. We are very pleased with the increase,” Webner said.

Certified enrollment for the past 10 years at LCS are: 2011 - 2,066.10; 2012 - 2,092.98; 2013 - 2,087.53; 2014 - 2,126.19; 2015 - 2,122.60; 2017 - 2,184.28; 2018 - 2,254.43; 2019 - 2,207.08.

Certified enrollment is an annual report of students used for the Iowa School Finance Formula calculation for distributing state dollars to school districts.

For the 2020-21 school year, the districts receive $7,048 for each student in the certified enrollment count.

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