LCSD announces mask exemption areas for athletic events

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

LE MARS Le Mars Community Schools has developed a plan for those who are not able to wear a face mask or face shield at fall season school district events due to exemptions. Our goal behind this plan is to meet the following criteria: 1) Safety against COVID-19 exposure/infection for every spectator, based on CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health Guidance, and 2) Accessibility to these events for those who are exempt from wearing a face mask or face shield.

This plan was created with consultation from Plymouth County Community Health and district legal counsel to guarantee proper mitigation and procedures are being followed.

Based on these goals, our plan for those exempt from wearing a face mask or face shield will be to provide a designated seating area at these events that will allow these spectators and their family to watch the game in a manner that is safe for them and those around them.

Designated Seating Locations for Le Mars Bulldogs:

LCHS Competition Gym- Southwest section of the gymnasium

LCMS New Gym- Southwest section of the gymnasium

Football Stadium- Far east section of the home side

"If there is ever an issue regarding these seating arrangements, we ask that you please contact an administrator on duty to address the issue," Superintendent Dr. Steve Webner said. "We ask that only the person exempt from wearing the face mask/face shield be without such, unless guidance changes this request."

Additionally, for your information, Le Mars Community Schools will contact upcoming athletic opponents to inform them of designated areas to assist in making their accommodation successful.

"We invite you to contact our high school administration at 546-4153 with any questions you may have regarding arrangements prior to the event you will be attending," Webner said. "As with any new COVID-19 mitigation plan we will implement this COVID-19 mitigation plan and make necessary improvements as needs arise."

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