Pool closed this summer

Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Remsen Municipal Swimming Pool, located at 209 Lincoln St., is normally open for the season the Saturday following Memorial Day until school begins in August. Due to COVID-19 and unforeseen repairs to leaks, the pool has yet to open this 2020 season. The Remsen City Council finally made a decision about the fate as to whether or not the pool would open this year at their July 7 City Council Meeting. After discussion, the council voted to not open the pool this 2020 season.

Initially, after getting the all clear from Governor Reynolds that swimming pools could indeed be open, the Remsen City Council held a discussion. A motion was made and passed at their May 27 City Council Meeting to open the pool for the 2020 summer and that City workers would begin to get the pool ready and open as soon as possible.

But at the City Council’s June 10 Meeting, stated in the minutes, “Public Works Superintendent Chris Poeckes informed the Council that he and City staff found that the pool was leaking at a fast rate when they went to fill the pool. He had someone come to see if they could determine where the leak was and what needs to be done to fix it and would report back to the Council when he knew the extent of the work that needed to be done.”

At the City Council’s June 25 Meeting, stated in the minutes, “A bid from ACCO to caulk the Municipal Pool to repair the leaks in the pool in the amount of $27,995.00 was presented. There is a one-year warranty on the repairs. The repairs were necessary to get the pool operational again. After discussion, a motion to accept the bid and get the repairs done this year was carried. ACCO notified the City on Friday, June 26 when the repairs would be scheduled. At this time, it was up in the air as to whether or not the pool would open this year due to staffing concerns as well as the investment that has already been made by the Utility Department in water that was treated and put in to the pool that leaked out. The situation would be evaluated when more was known on the timeline of repairs and the status of staff.”

At their latest July 8 City Council Meeting, the board voted to not open the pool for this summer. Stated in the minutes, “The Municipal pool status was discussed. A crew was currently working to caulk the pool to repair leaks. After the work was completed, the caulk had to sit for eight days before the pool could be filled. It would take additional days for the pool to fill and be cleaned in order to be suitable to be open to the public. If all goes as planned, the earliest date that the pool could be opened is July 22. The council discussed whether it was worth opening for that short of a time period and after discussion, a motion was made to not open the pool this season and passed.”