Library achieves Tier 3 Status

Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Remsen Public Library recently achieved Tier 3 Status.

Scott Dermont, Library Consultant for The State Library of Iowa, notified the Remsen Public Library as of July 1, 2020. The Remsen Public Library moved from Tier 2 to Tier 3, achieving the highest level of accreditation for Iowa libraries.

By being Tier 3 accredited, the library is eligible for increased levels of compensation from the State Library’s Enrich Iowa Program, which is funded by the state Legislature. Tier 1 and Tier 2 libraries still receive funding but at a lower level and libraries at Tier 0 are not eligible for that funding.

According to the In Service to Iowa sixth edition, which is the manual for The State Library's Standards and Accreditation Program and documents the condition of public library service in Iowa, determines the formula for State Aid funding, and meets statutory requirements, “The State Library of Iowa Standards and Accreditation Program exists to encourage development of high-quality public library services in Iowa. Every three years, each public library is asked to report its progress toward achieving accreditation by completing Application Form for Accreditations and Direct State Aid Tier Level. Direct State Aid payments and participation in the Open Access reimbursement program is based on each library’s Tier Status. Tier Status is determined by the number of standards met by library, reported, and verified by The State Library of Iowa.”

Janeene Klein, Remsen Public Library Director, explained the filing process, “In February 2020, the Remsen Public Library submitted completed documentation to The State Library filing an application for review for accreditation. Documentation included Remsen library ordinance, library by-laws and policies, written plan, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and many other documents.”

The written plan took many months to complete. Klein stated, “Our written plan was accomplished by a committee of library board, library/city staff and community members. We used Remsen, Iowa’s 2017 SIMPCO Comprehensive Plan results and State Library of Iowa EDGE Assessment to compile goals, objectives, and action steps for Remsen Public Library. Our written plan took several months to complete for The State Library to audit.”

The addition of an accessible restroom helped the Remsen Public Library in moving their status from Tier 2 to Tier 3, as this restroom helped meet Tier 3 standards.
(Photo contributed)

One key project helped the library achieve this new status, “Another key component in achieving Tier 3 Status was the addition of an accessible restroom in the library. The State Library requests documentation from ADA checklist for existing facility. Our restroom was completed by Dave Sonnichsen this Spring and is a very nice addition to the library.” replied Klein.

The library also put in new shelving for books for their Young Adult Section.

New shelving for books in the Young Adult Section was a welcomed addition to the library.
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Klein expressed her appreciation of the hard work put into achieving the Tier 3 Status, “By achieving Tier 3, which is the highest level of accreditation, this proves our library is continually working toward goals set forth by The State Library of Iowa. The Remsen Public Library Board of Trustees and Staff are very proud to have achieved this Status/Funding Level and will continue to strive to serve our Remsen patrons with quality library service.”

Members of the Remsen Public Library Board of Trustees include Stacey Galles (President), Jeremy Homan (Vice-President), Sandi Tritz (Secretary), Sharyn Ahmann, Jane Bork, Kim Phillips, Jim Miller, and Alex Wimmer.

Remsen Public Library Staff members include Janeene Klein (Director), Peg Arens, Alicia Hoffman, and Hannah Harpenau.

Congratulations on this achievement!