RSM provides update on the high school summer athletic season

Thursday, June 4, 2020

RSM staff, students and parents received some updated information about the high school summer athletic season. On Friday, May 22, an update from Patty Lansink, HS Principal; and Kim Phillips, Lead Teacher, was posted on the school’s website ( and stated the following:

“Dear RSM families and students, many of you have heard by now that Governor Reynolds announced that high school summer athletic seasons may proceed starting with practice on June 1 and contests starting June 15. We will be sharing guidance with coaches on how to conduct successful seasons while keeping everyone safe.

For practices beginning on June 1:

• Players and coaches should check temperatures daily before attending practices.

• Anyone with symptoms (fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain, sore throat, etc.) should stay home, and is not allowed to practice

• Parents must remain in cars, or drop off and pick up players from practice

• Players should use their own equipment as much as possible, bring their own water bottles, and a supply of hand sanitizer

• Spitting of sunflower seed shells is strictly prohibited

For games beginning on June 15:

• All of the above guidelines apply, and…

• Schools must limit the use of bleachers for fans. They will be used for single seating only, socially distanced. Families wanting to sit together should bring chairs or blankets and socially distance from other spectators.

• Spectators should not attend games if they have symptoms

• We would encourage families who can transport their player, do so, but we will have more guidance on transportation next week.

• Concession stands will not be open

We are thrilled our high school students will be allowed to participate in summer sports, especially for our seniors in their last season of play. We also need to emphasize that all other sports are still suspended, so there will be no open gym, weightlifting, etc., for other sports at this time. In order for us to have a safe, successful season, we will be relying on everyone to do their part in observing the guidelines above and practicing safe behavior during practices and contests. We encourage you to share this information with any friends or family members who might not receive this email and will need this information as a spectator.

Again, we want to thank our students and families for the continued support of our school and our students this spring. We are thankful for all the efforts of students and families to engage in continuous learning, and for the efforts of our teachers.”