Trump, Buttigieg are front runners in county caucuses

Friday, February 7, 2020

PLYMOUTH CO. — Voters in Plymouth County gathered at caucus sites Monday evening to make a statement about who they support for President of the United States.

While Iowa inches closer to 100 percent results in the Democratic Party, Plymouth County Democratic Chair Mark Sturgeon said the county results were completely filed late Monday evening.

“We had all results reported by the end of the day Monday,” Sturgeon said. “Most of the sites were done by 8:30 p.m. My site was done by 9:30.”

Based on the process, the county results, by number of delegates elected to support a candidate at the county convention, are:

12 - Pete Buttegieg

10 - Joe Biden

9 - Bernie Sanders

4 - Amy Klobuchar

4 - Elizabeth Warren

1 - Andrew Yang

As of Thursday, the Iowa Democratic Party reported 97 percent of the 1,711 precincts were accounted for.

With that information in hand at the state level, Buttigieg comes in with 26.2 percent of the delegates, followed closely by Sanders with 26 percent.

Warren has just over 18 percent and Biden comes in with 15.8 percent. Klobuchar takes fifth place with 12 percent of the delegates.

Sturgeon reported Plymouth County had a total of 597 people attend the caucus this year.

“In most places there was an increase in caucus goers,” he said.

On the Republican side, Plymouth County Republicans Chair Karl Stodden reported 338 people were at the caucus sites.

“With a record turn out at all precincts for a caucus with a sitting President, President Trump took every vote,” Stodden said.

He went on to say, “The Republican Caucus is a very open and straight forward affair. Your friends and neighbors get to say who they plan to vote for and why, and then we take a vote after all the speeches.”

Stodden said he was pleased with the turnout.

“We had a lot of energy going in, quite a few first timers, and we look forward to amping things up even more in the push to November,” he said.

The Republicans will hold their county convention on March 14.

The Democrats will hold their county convention on March 21.

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