MMCRU Boys Basketball loses to RSM

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Freshman Derek Goth soars high for the rebound in basketball action against Remsen St. Mary's.
(Photo by MMCRU HS Journalism)

On Friday, January 10, the Royals boys’ basketball team played on their home court in Marcus against the number one ranked RSM Hawks. After many rebounds and travels across the gym floor, the Hawks edged out the Royals with a final score of 76-53.

For the MMCRU Royals, they scored a total of 20 points in the first half. Comparatively for the RSM Hawks, they doubled MMCRU’s score as they had 40 points in the first half.

After a lot of talk from head coach Cam Kuchel on what to improve on for the second half, it was go time for the Royals. MMCRU was outscored by RSM by one point in the third. The Royals had 15 points while the Hawks had a total of 16 points in the third quarter. For the fourth quarter, both teams were pretty even scorewise. RSM scored 20 points, while the Royals scored 18 points.

Junior guard Cade Pepper launches a three point shot in action against Remsen St. Mary's in Marcus.
(Photo by MMCRU HS Journalism)

The leading scorer for MMCRU was junior Cade Pepper as he had 20 points. Next in line was sophomore Preston Astidias as he scored 13 points, and right behind was freshman Kamden Steffen with 11 points. Comparatively for RSM, they had three high scorers. Brady Homan had 15 points, and closely behind was Blaine Harpenau with 14 points. Right behind Harpenau was Austin Jensen with 13 points.

The Hawks had a total of 47 field attempts during the game, but 30 were successful for 64%. For the Royals, they had 40 attempts with only 17 being successful for 43%.

Next is two point field goal attempts, and RSM had 29 attempts with 23 being successful for 79%. For MMCRU, they had 14 attempts with seven being successful for 50%.

For three point field goals attempts, the Hawks had 18 attempts with only seven being successful for 39%. Comparatively for the Royals, they had 26 attempts with ten being successful for 39%.

Free throws were a big part of this game as RSM had 12 attempts with nine being successful for 75%. For MMCRU, they had ten attempts on the night, and only missed one free throw for 90%.

The Hawks also had 24 rebounds in the game along with three steals, while the Royals had 13 rebounds and seven steals to conclude the game.

After the game was over, Pepper gave his thoughts on how the game went by saying, “We worked very hard as a team, and I thought the plays we tried, we executed well. RSM is a great team this year, and hopefully we win our next game.” Head coach Cam Kuchel also added, “I was very pleased with our effort again Friday night. It is very hard to turn around after playing the night before and give it your all again, especially against the top ranked team in the state. The boys didn't back down and showed that we can compete against tough competition when we were only outscored by three in the second half."