MMCRU Girls’ Basketball still remains undefeated

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Sophomore guard Emily Dreckman drives to the hoop in War Eagle Conference basketball action against Remsen St. Mary's.
(Photo by MMCRU HS Journalism)

On Friday, January 10, the MMCRU girls’ basketball team played against RSM on their home court in Marcus. The student section was great, and after a lot of dribbling the ball back and forth, The Royals came out on top winning with a score of 65-26.

The first quarter of the game was heavily dominated by MMCRU. The Royals scored a total of 15 points to start off the game. Comparatively for the Hawks, they only scored two points as the Royals defense was outstanding.

Starting the second quarter, MMCRU continued their dominance as they added 17 more points to their score. St. Mary’s had many more points this quarter as they scored 14 points. The score at halftime was 32-16 with MMCRU leading.

MMCRU's sophomore post Ellie Hilbrands scores inside against Remsen St. Mary's.
(Photo by MMCRU HS Journalism)

To start off the third quarter, The Royals were fired up as they scored 21 points. For the Hawks, they struggled this quarter as they only scored four points.

It all came down to the fourth quarter, and the Royals had a low of 12 points to end the game while the Hawks had a total of six points to add to their team score.

The leading scorers for the Royals were sophomore Emily Dreckman and junior Jaylen Bork as they each had 14 points. Sophomore Taylor Harpenau wasn’t far behind as she had 13 points. Sophomore Ellie Hillbrands was also just behind with 11 points.

Comparatively for the Hawks, Brittney Johson was the leading scorer as she had ten points.

MMCRU had many field goals during the game. They had 58 attempts, but 25 were successful for 43%. For RSM, they had 37 attempts, and ten were successful for 27%.

For two point field goals, the Royals had 43 attempts, and 21 shots were successful for 49%. RSM had 28 attempts, but only eight were successful for 29%.

For three point field goals, MMCRU had 15 attempts, with only four being successful for 27%. Comparatively for RSM, they had nine attempts, with only two being successful for 22%.

Free throws were a big part of MMCRU’s game as they 17 attempts, with 11 being successful for 65%. RSM had six attempts, with four being successful for 67%. The Royals also outrebounded the Hawks as they had 42 rebounds compared to RSM’s 14.

After the amazing victory, sophomore Mya Holmes had this to say, “For most of the season, we’ve been a second half team. I felt like we worked well together as a team, and we finished the game strong.” Head coach Gillian Letsche also added, “The girls worked well together, and I feel like we executed plays very well during the game, and that’s how we won.”