Dole to lead services for new Remsen Bible Fellowship Church

Thursday, August 15, 2019

A non-denominational church, Remsen Bible Fellowship, will be starting services on Sunday, August 18, 2019, at the V.F.W. Hall in Remsen, starting at 10 a.m. Pastor Will Dole will lead the services.

According to Pastor Dole, the group had been meeting as a bible study first, "We started as a Bible Study last September."

When asked how many people participated in the Bible Study, Dole replied, "It's varied a lot. The first couple meetings, we had over 30 people. Lately it has been around ten."

Dole attended the Le Mars Bible Church before starting a church in Remsen, "Most of us are from Le Mars Bible Church. That's where we attended church. There are quite a few people who live over here (Remsen), so we just started talking to the leadership over in Le Mars about would it be a good thing to start a church over in Remsen that would be closer for them and for people that aren't a part of church over here that might be interested."

Six years ago, Dole and his wife, Andi, moved to Le Mars and then moved to Remsen in March 2019, for the purpose of the church. Andi (Boever) grew up in rural Remsen, while Will grew up in Idaho.

Dole has a lot of training and experience, and he is ready to be a pastor at the Remsen Bible Fellowship, "I didn't go through normal seminary. I did a three-year training program through the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission in Missoula, Montana, which is basically like a Bible College Course covering church history and all the new testament surveys and how to study and that kind of stuff."

This will be Dole's first church to serve as pastor. "I've been on the church board at our church back in Plummer, Idaho called Plummer Bible Church, and then at that time, I spent three years working for a non-profit South Lake Youth Ministries where we worked with small churches to help them develop youth ministry. That's when I started preaching a lot. And since we moved to Iowa, I haven't been officially on any boards or anything, I've done a lot of teaching and preaching. I've taught adult classes at the Le Mars Bible Church, and I've preached at Plymouth Presbyterian Church quite a bit the last two years. I was going to Plymouth Presbyterian once a month. Then I spent a year going to the Gospel Mission and preaching every week. So in our non-Denominational tradition, local church elders have the ability to install somebody as a pastor, so I've been sent out, if you will, by Le Mars Bible Church."

Dole wanted to start this new church to give people another option to try, "I've talked to quite a few people that aren't part of any church, so I just thought maybe that would be something that people who don't feel comfortable in the normal more formal religious setting, just something new might be interesting to them and feel more comfortable with."

Back in July, Dole's group partnered with another group to provide the 5-Day Club Program, "We did the 5-Day Club Program from July 15-19. We partnered with Child Evangelism Fellowship to bring that in. I thought that went pretty well. We had about 16 kids. We are excited to be here."

Will and Andi have three children, Loralai, Owen, and Calvin and have one on the way.

For his full-time day job, Dole works for the Post Office in Le Mars, while Andi is a stay-at-home mom.

"I like to read. I like to do outside stuff, hunting, fishing, I don't have as much time for that as I'd like, but I go outside and play ball with the kids." Dole stated about what he likes to do in his spare time.

Dole has enjoyed his time in Remsen so far, "We really enjoy living in Remsen. The kids love meeting people in the library and the swimming pool. It's been great."

The new church will start services this Sunday and Dole is excited to get started, "Anyone is welcome to come. For what people would expect coming in, it will be a pretty simple service, so there will be probably a half-hour to thirty-five minute sermon that's going to be coming straight out of the Bible. The first week, we'll be looking at Matthew Chapter 16, but after that, we're going to be studying the Gospel of John and looking at the life of Jesus. But other than that we'll sing some songs, we'll pray and take the Lord's Supper. It's a pretty simple service."

To learn more about Remsen Bible Fellowship, their website,, is set up to provide more information about the church and their mission.