RSM Summer STREAM Studio Success Camp

Thursday, July 25, 2019
Fourth through eighth grade students show their CO2 Car designs.
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This summer St. Mary’s tried something new in offering a Summer STREAM Success Studio Camp. The idea was to provide some fun STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) activities that focus on God’s gifts in creation. Fifty-nine students participated in various activities and completed a variety of projects ranging from carving a CO2 car, sewing a denim pencil bag, constructing a sail car while designing the most effective sail, experimenting with Kitchen Chemistry to discover various properties of liquids, building LEGO Mindstorm NXT robots, as well as programming through Blue Bots, Cubelets and IPad coding activities, and Google’s Tour Creator and Juxtapose photo apps. Jodi Fisher from the Iowa State Extension Office came for special lessons in Dash and Dot coding. AEA Math Consultant Janelle Schorg engaged the students with a Breakout EDU, while RSM High School science teacher Mr. Tim Ostermann encouraged students to design a wind turbine that would lift a cup of washers.

Students worked in various groups to problem solve, think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate so that everyone had a “voice” in completing the joint projects. The students were also charged with designing, constructing and completing various independent projects during the camp. Although the activities were sometimes difficult and outside their “comfort zone” of experience, each day the students came eager for the next challenge.

On the last day parents and guests were invited to watch students demonstrate various projects. After the Camp was finished, the students and parents were each invited to complete a survey about their Summer STREAM experience. The results included outstanding marks with high engagement and very positive, encouraging and inspiring comments. Hands-down the RSM Summer STREAM Studio Success Camp is something that RSM will look to continue next year.

Some of the kindergarten through third students show their creative pinwheel designs.
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Quinnten Mohning and Braya Homan watch as Lucas Sheehan demonstrates their Sail Car.
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