Leonard says goodbye to R-U after 21 years

Thursday, May 16, 2019

After 21 years at Remsen-Union Schools, Mr. Clint Leonard will be retiring from being the Board Secretary/Business Manager.

Clint graduated from Willow Community High School in Quimby and earned his Associate of Specialized Business Degree in Accounting from the American Institute of Business in Des Moines.

Previously, he has worked at a grain elevator, implement dealership, and a rural electric cooperative over the years in the accounting area.

In 1987, Mr. Leonard accepted the position of Business Manager at Teikyo-Westmar University. Later, he served as the interim Vice President of Business Affairs at Westmar and earned his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in 1991. Mr. Leonard was employed at Westmar until the closing in February, 1998.

In May,1998, Mr. Leonard was hired as Remsen-Union's Board Secretary/Business Manager and has been here ever since. He will work at the school until the end of June, which is the end of the school's fiscal year.

Clint and his wife, Michelle, have lived in Remsen since moving from Le Mars to work at Remsen-Union in 1998. They have one son, Cody, who lives in Sioux City and a granddaughter, Reagan, whom Clint is looking forward to help babysit in his retirement.

Besides working at the school, Clint has also been a member of the board for the Remsen Public Library. He is also very involved with his church, Grace United Methodist in Marcus.

Clint's short term plans for retirement include, "Moving to Sioux City and helping take care of our granddaughter. And figure it out from there after a while."

What Clint is looking forward to about retirement is, "Not having to go to the board meetings and not having to keep up with all the state changes all the time. It will be nice not having to worry about that."

Clint wishes to "thank the first board and superintendent for hiring me 21 years ago."

During his time at R-U, Clint stated his most memorable moment would be "putting on the additions to the schools (the Elementary and High School). That was a lot of work and a lot of improvement for the school district." That addition was in 2004.

Clint stated, "It will be different not going to work every day. I will miss the people that I have met over the years and the ones I work with now."

Also, Clint will miss the meetings in Des Moines will other Business Officers across the state, "In Des Moines, all the school Business Officers get together, mostly for training sessions. We meet twice a year. Those meetings were kind of nice to go to and see everybody. So that will be different. I will miss those guys."

Clint will enjoy making new memories with his family in Sioux City. Best of luck for your future endeavors!