MMCRU takes win at South O’Brien

Thursday, May 9, 2019

The MMCRU boys’ golf team went head to head with the South O’Brien Wolverines. The Royals put up a good fight as they were able to take home a win. The final score was 188-204.

The lowest scorer was Cade Pepper with a score of 43, securing him a spot in first place. Ethan Riedemann was able to score a 45, placing him in third. Dean Jenness had a score of 47 and was placed in fourth. Scoring a 53 was Brennan Rolfes in sixth place.

The lowest scorer for the Wolverines was Jeremy Struve with a 43, making him tied with Cade Pepper for first place. Josh Johannsen had a score of 47 for fifth place. Darien Keith had a score of 54 and was placed in seventh.