RSM Eighth Grade Career Day = Success!

Thursday, May 9, 2019
Eighth grade students that attended Career Day at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon were, Front row, from left: Ella Arens, Olivia Pottebaum, Gracyn Schroeder, Bella Arens, Jordyn Harpenau, Olivia Glassmaker, Peyton Frederes, and Maci Gravenish. Back row, from left: Tate Tentinger, Isaiah Gerrietts, Brenden Fisch, Jaxon Bunkers, Cael Ortmann, Ryan Willman, Nathan Britt, Kadden Groepper, and Alex Schroeder.
(Photo contributed)

RSM eighth graders attended the annual Eighth Grade Career Day at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon on Friday, April 12th. Scott Bruxvoort gave a great story of his life, along with the following lessons for students:

1) Social media causes distractions and allows people to compare themselves to others too much.

2) Be intentional about who you spend your time with.

3) Emotions are important; talk to your parents.

Students shared their feelings and ideas about the day below.

Jaxon Bunkers, “Talking to my friends from other schools was delightful, and my favorite part was hearing about Scott’s story. This will teach me things not to do and things to do when you go to college, and how making mistakes can ruin your future. It was also enjoyable to watch Ella compete in the rock-paper-scissors game.”

Brenden Fisch, “Listening to Scott Bruxvoort was very enjoyable for me. He showed real life occurrences and what it’ll take to fix them. He showed us how it is never too late to get out of a hole. I like hearing what it’s like to work as an EMT responder. I like the entire of idea of career day. It shows you people what would best suit that specific person for their career.”

Alex Schroeder, “When we went to Career Day, I liked listening to Scott Bruxvoort. We learned many life lessons from him, and he taught us what to do in tough situations. He also told us who to turn if we need help in our lives.”

Kadden Groepper, “The welding class was fun because I got to technology weld. It was really fun watching the ultimate rock-paper-scissors tournament.”

Maci Gravenish, “The PA/Nursing session was really interesting. It showed how many opportunities there are to be a nurse. The PA showed what kind of nurse you could become and how much you get paid. We had a speaker there named Scott Bruxvoort. He was a really good speaker, and I learned a lot from him.”

Isaiah Gerrietts, “At Career Day, I had the most fun watching people play ultimate rock-paper-scissors. The most interesting sessions I went to were Mechanics and Law Enforcement.”

Ryan Willman, “The Law Enforcement session was pleasant since we got to learn about different types of crimes and what they do from both the State Trooper and the Sheldon Police. Watching the 182nd Air Division refuel a plane in mid air in the Armed Forces session was very cool since I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

Jordyn Harpenau, “The Nursing Program was my favorite. It really helped me understand more options and what I would want to go in specifically as a nurse.”

Tate Tentinger, “My favorite thing about Career Day was the Agriculture program because I was amazed at how much money farmers make on a good year. The down year is not that good because they spend so much money and do not get that much money back.”

Ella Arens, “The Computer Science session was my favorite by far. Talking about job opportunities was very informative because there are a lot of opportunities around here and out in the world. That session was very insightful. I learned that I can get certified as an eighth grader. I look forward to going into the field of computer science.”

Cael Ortmann, “The Agriculture Class was very interesting and gave me something to think about. Our speaker at the end gave us lessons that we should carry on for the rest of our lives.”

Peyton Frederes, “At Career Day, there were plenty of job opportunities and one of my sessions was becoming a vet. After hearing about what a vet does and goes through made me really open my eyes towards that job.”

Gracyn Schroeder, “Scott Bruxvoort was very inspiring and told everyone his story. The teaching class offered ideas about what you have to do to be a teacher.”

Bella Arens, “One of my sessions was over Accounting and the success many people find in this field. This experience really opened my eyes to what my future could be.”

Olivia Glassmaker, “The Human Services Class was very interesting and straight forward. Scott Bruxvoort was a very moving speaker.”

Olivia Pottebaum, “The speaker that talked about being a PA was probably my favorite speaker. She explained everything so well like what you mainly do at that job, how long you’ll be in college, and how much you will make. The speaker was also very entertaining with the rock-paper-scissors tournament. He taught us a lifelong lesson that we should all know.”

Nathan Britt, “The wildlife and park management was very fun because the speaker taught us what everything was used for. We got to see many different animal pelts and a box turtle from Iowa that was dumped on a sand pile.”