RSM enjoys Catholic Schools Week

Thursday, February 7, 2019

RSM celebrated Catholic Schools Week on January 28 to February 1.

Starting off Catholic Schools Week, the RSM student body met in the cafeteria, at the beginning of the day, to have a prayer service. Two guest speakers, Greg and Erin Schroeder, talked about how and why they chose to send their five children to Remsen St. Mary’s. Afterward, the students were able to grab a donut on their way to first period. Monday was hats off to teachers day; the day was set aside as Teacher Appreciation Day. Students were allowed to wear hats as a way of saying thanks to their teachers.

On Tuesday, due to the weather, the Living Rosary was postponed until Lent to keep visitors from driving in the cold.

On Wednesday, everyone got a day off to relax at home.

Despite the freezing weather and late start on Thursday, students and faculty enjoyed the movie “God’s Not Dead” along with popcorn in the afternoon. It was a great bonding experience and reminded everyone of the importance of standing up for our faith in God.

On Friday, at 11 o’clock, Mass was held in the cafeteria with the picnic to follow. Families came and packed the gym and ate their lunch together. Katrina and Jeremy Homan shared their faith story with everyone and why they chose to send their children to RSM. The RSM recycling crew won this year’s Volunteer of the Year Award.

Even though the weather got in the way of some activities, it was a great week to celebrate going to a faith-filled school and being part of the the big RSM family.